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Design Drawings for the possible next iPhone leaked

It appears that what could be the design drawings for the next generation iPhone have been leaked and published by the folks over at Tw.Apple.Pro for all of our viewing pleasures. The pictures posted don't really allow us to see much but they do appear to match the leaked casing pictures/video that we posted on Wednesday. Stay with us after the break for more on this story.

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Supposed iPad 2 case images pulled

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that those supposed cases for iPad 2, which show off a more iPod touch 4-like design, a camera cut-out, larger speaker, and possible USB port, have been pulled from Alibaba.com by parties unidentified (but easily speculated.

9to5Mac has also pulled their case mold images after similar, albeit "not so nice" demands.

Apple has had images removed from the web before, including the infamous iPod "fatty" nano leak, but in recent years hadn't bothered (or hadn't wanted a legal demand to prove the veracity of the pictures), even for the iPhone 4 leak. Is the tablet market about to become competitive enough that Apple doesn't want to take any chances, is this a third party getting involved, or is it something else?

(The image above is a concept design by TiPb.com, rendered before the latest round of rumors, coincidentally showing a more tapered, iPod touch-like design...)

Video of one of the cases after the break (unless and until YouTube is required to pull it).

[Wall Street Journal, 9to5Mac, via MacRumors]

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Yet more iPod touch 4, iPod nano 6 case and screen protector leaks

I love the smell of a iPod touch 4 and iPod nano 6 accessory leaks in the morning. Once again we've got cases from China, this time with a side of screen protectors for good measure.

How informed are the device mockups? We'll find out for certain at Apple's special music event this Wednesday but until then, give us your best guest -- real, fake, or really fake?


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iPod touch 4 case leaks show camera, flash?

As spring turns to summer and fall, iPad and iPhone leaks turn to iPod touch -- witness the images above which claim to reveal iPod touch 4 complete with camera and flash.

HardMac claims the image came from a case manufacturer, the same who leaked the iPod mini (nano) camera last year, and that Apple typically provides advance size and shape information to these manufacturers. (Though clearly not for iPhone 4).

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No, this isn't the iPhone 4G but could it be an iPhone HD prototype?

Engadget has some pictures of up of what's purporting to be an iPhone 4G (which it can't be because there aren't any GSM 4G networks for it to run on), but could it be an iPhone HD (or whatever the iPhone G4 ends up being called) prototype of some sorts?

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iTunes Preview Accidentally Leaks iPad Apps?

PadGadget did some digging around Apple's web-based iTunes Preview and came across what look to be some already-approved iPad apps. The give away? The use of HD (High Definition) or XL (eXtra-Large) in the title to signify the bigger 9.7 inch, 1024x768 pixel iPad display. Some of the titles discovered include:

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iPhone Developer Program Licence Leaks! "Need to update this for the 27th Launch"

First it was McGraw-Hill on CNBC, and now it's Apple's own iPhone Developer Program leaking iPhone-relevance about tomorrow's "Come see our latest creation" event with the text "Place holder Agreement -- Need to update this for the 27th launch"

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France Telecom Exec Confirms Apple iTablet with Webcam

Did France Telecom/Orange exec Stéphane Richard just get caught off guard enough to confirm the immanent arrival of Apple's iTablet/iSlate, with a webcam? NowhereElse.fr has the video clip (go to 6:10 to see the relevant bit), and Techcrunch provides the translation for those who don't understand French:

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4th Generation iPhone Midboard Leaked?

This, according to China Ontrade, is the 4th generation iPhone midboard. Having accurately leaked part of the iPhone 3GS assembly in May 2009, weeks before Phil Schiller showed the launch device off at WWDC in June, they've gained some measure of credibility. However, this isn't May 2010 and its hard to see ever-prototyping, last-minute-camera-ditching Apple setting anything in stone (or aluminum or plastic) this early in the cycle.

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