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UPDATED with Video: iPod touch Leaks Begin! Is This the Third Generation's New Camera?

UPDATE: Video has been posted, check it out after the jump!

ORIGINAL: New images have surfaced purported to be Apple's third generation iPod touch, showing a top, center mounted camera for the presumed-to-be-announced in September product revision.

To catch up, we've heard the new iPod touch would have a camera and mic, and potentially come in at 16GB/32GB/64GB for $199/$299/$399. Now, as to the picture above...

Real? Fake? Really fake? There are certain constants in this Apple 'verse, including spec and image leaks prior to, and in anticipation of, any new Apple event. So either way, we're right on schedule for the rumored September 8th iPod, iTunes, and Music show!

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Regarding that Leaked Black "iPhone" Bezel...

Turns out that leaked black bezel that made the internet rounds prior to the iPhone 3GS' rounds was... actually for a Creative Zii Egg. Says CNET Asia provides the picture, and MacRumors the short version:

The Zii Egg is a multi-touch iPod touch-like device that runs Google's Android operating system. The device, though, bears a strong resemblance to the leaked bezel images, suggesting that it had simply been mislabeled all along.

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Leaked iPhone 3G S Matte Finish iPhone Cases Were Real... or Canary Traps?

Way back in February a matte black next generation casing (for what's now known as the iPhone 3G S) made it's way around the internet. No one knew if it was real or not, and since WWDC introduced the iPhone 3G S with the same glossy finish as the previous generation, doubts -- they were raised.

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More iPhone 32GB Leaks? Trade Yours in for a BlackBerry Bold Now!

Curiouser and crazier is our motto of the moment, as we get what could be our third (3rd!) carrier leak of the day, following the T-Mobile Austria faux pas highlight an iPhone 32GB and the Vodafone Australia early EOL notice for the 16GB.

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Next Gen iPhone Leaks Begin: Chinese Forum "We Got Specs!" Edition!

MacRumors has been keeping tabs on Chinese forum Weiphone, and says -- in addition to the screen shot above -- the following specs have been leaked about the next generation iPhone, widely believed to be announced in just under a month at Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC):

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And So it Begins! Next Gen iPhone Case Leaks Start NOW!

With a Schiller-confirmed June product cycle, it's a bit early for iPhone Next-Gen case leaks, innit? Not that time or likelihood will stop the internet. MacRumors says:

This new iPhone case is said to "shed its glossy appearance for a matte black look" and also introduce a new case-back made of metal. [iPodObserver] seems confident in the photo and reminded readers that they were also responsible for publishing an early back-case photo of the iPhone 3G.

Has Apple ever done matt finish anything? And would Apple really milk the 16GB capacity in a next-gen iPhone? Or would they do 16GB and 32GB next time, the way they did 8 and 16, and 4 and 8 for the previous generations? And will this simply be another iPhone 3G, or will include any (or all) of the guts we've been clamoring for in an iPhone HD?

First questions first, though, is this for real?

Internal comparison photos after the break!

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In Store iPhone 3G Activation to Use Special iTunes Mode?

Given how kick-in-the-crotch fake the last supposed leaked memo from Rogers (the Canadian GSM monopoly and exclusive iPhone 3G carrier) was, I'm taking this with a Rockies-sized grain of salt. If even remotely accurate, however, it looks like:

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Intel Un-leaks: Smashes Puny iTablet Rumors! (Or Do They...?)

Confession: Yes, when one of these crazy AT&T or Intel rumors come up, I draft a rumor-smasher just as soon as I finish the post. Chalk it up to experience.

Case in point: yesterday we (and everyone else in the blogsphere) reported that Intel Germany Geschäftsführer Hannes Schwaderer done let slip word of an Atom-powered iTablet. Or done did he?

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Intel Leaks: Atom-Powered iTablet Safari Pad Cometh?

True story: before the iPhone, Apple's multi-touch screen mobile efforts were focused on a tablet-like device known internally as Safari Pad. But when El Jobso unleashed his awesome powers of prediction, he saw cell phones coming on so strongly, he shifted Apple's gears -- and mobile OS X Touch development efforts -- to what became the iPhone.

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AT&T Leaks: iPhone Black?

I see a 3G iPhone and it will be painted black
No more aluminum just plastic on the back
How do I know and why will El Jobso certainly freak?
Cause AT&T has once again gone and sprung a leak

Cat's out of the bag and there's no going back
Published on their website something called the iPhone Black
So 2.0 is coming and it'll be on one of them
While others struggle to iClone Apple's gone to the next gen

3G, business, gaming, and App Store fully packed
I look to June and I want my iPhone Black!

[To the tune of, and with profound apologies to, the Rolling Stones: Painted Black]

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