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iPhone 3.0: Location Aware Google Search via Safari

Google Blogs (via Gizmodo) has announced that the long-rumored Geo-Location based services in Mobile Safari are indeed included in iPhone 3.0 and being put to use in "My Location" searches by on the iPhone.

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iPhone OS 3.0: Ars Benchmarks Mobile Safari -- 3x - 16x Faster than 2.2

We mentioned yesterday that iPhone OS 3.0's Mobile Safari Browser was being reported as faster than the current iPhone OS 2.2.1 version. Now Ars Technica has run the numbers and the results are pretty impressive. Check out their full report for all the details, but this sums it up nicely:

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iPhone 3.0: New Safari Link Options -- Copy, Open in New Page

Tap and hold is a multi-touch gesture that Apple introduced into Mobile Safari in iPhone OS 2.0. It triggered a popup a menu that allowed users to Save Image to the camera roll.

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iPhone 3.0: Mobile Safari to get Anti-Phishing, Auto Fill

Apple has gotten some much-deserved heat in the past for not adapting anti-phishing measures into their Safari browser. Phishing is when "bad guys" make look-alike websites and try to trick users into entering personal data like passwords or credit cards numbers, so they can be used to break into user accounts or make fraudulent purchases. We've had some warnings about MobileMe phishing attacks in the past for example.

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iPhone Mobile Browser Share Now... 67%

Heh. Internet Explorer, for reasons unfathomable to any modern web designer, still rules the desktop with a massive, if waning browser share. In the mobile space, however, things they are a different.

Net Applications (via CNet) is reporting that the iPhone owns 66.61% share, which compare to Java2ME (RIM's OS) 9.06% and WinPho's 6.91%, Android and Symbian's 6.15% each, and Palm's 2.37% and the assorted others' at 2.75%.

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Palm Pre "Cards" Deja Viewed in Mobile Safari "Tabs"

We've mentioned this in passing before, but the parallels, if any, are worth making more prominent.

Using webOS, which is a localized, almost widget-ized development environment (using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and enhanced local access), the Palm Pre can run many WebApps at the same time. The way it's visualized is with the "card" metaphor, where a touch of the Home-like button shrinks the current screen down to a thumbnail that's kept live and updated in real time. The interface also lets users shuffle the apps like cards in a fanned-out deck. You re-arrange the cards and can even terminate an app by "throwing it away".

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Apple Owns 51% of Mobile Web... And Growing!

According to Admob (via TUAW), Apple's share of the mobile Web is big and might just be getting bigger:

Worldwide requests from Apple devices grew 28% month over month to 1.2 billion in January. Building on its strong December, iPod Touch growth outpaced iPhone growth in top markets. The iPod Touch now represents 40% of Apple requests, up from 20% in September.

People like great mobile browsers that can handle HTML, CSS, and AJAX, who'd have thunk it?

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TiPb Answers: How Do You Manage Mobile Safari Bookmarks on the iPhone?

TiPb loves answering your emails, but we also love sharing our answers with the community in hopes that more people will benefit, and even better answers will present themselves (hey, that's why we have them forums!). Today's question comes from Joephoto5:

My Bookmarks are listed in the order that I created them... Is there a way to resort them??? Is there a way to "group" them ... (ala: sites dedicated to "news", or sites dedicated to the "iPhone", or sites dedicated to "aviation" etc.) ???

TiPb answers after the jump!

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