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Retina Display

iPod touch 4 with dual cameras, retina display, coming in a few weeks?

Yes, it's really come to the point where a casual reference on Daring Fireball to the next generation iPod touch 4 -- with rear and front FaceTime cameras and Retina Display screen coming in a few weeks -- gets plastered all over the internet.

if you wait a few weeks to buy the Touch, you’ll get one with a Retina Display and dual cameras.

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NOVA gets Retina Display and Gyroscope support

Gameloft's NOVA has just received one awesome update; high-res retina display support and the ability to use the gyroscope (looks like Gun Range proved useful after all) for iPhone 4. First let's talk graphics...

This game looks absolutely amazing. Color. Crispness. It's all there. No aliasing problems, things just look great. Now for the not so great news, the Gyroscope.

I have been playing with the NOVA update for the last couple of days and for the life of me, I can't seem to feel comfortable using the gyroscope in conjunction with the traditional controls. Sure, the gyroscope is precise. Sure you can pivot in a circle and the game will rotate with you. But when it comes to playing in a firefight with aliens, it is hard to be using the traditional controls to pan while using the gyroscope to aim. Perhaps I just don't have the reflexes of my youth, but I found the experience frustrating. Thankfully you can turn the gyroscope controls off.

This was just my experience, how are you liking the update? Let us know in the comments!

Video after the break.

[$4.99- iTunes link]

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Why not all iOS 4 compatible app are "awesome"

Not all app in Apple's growing "awesome iOS 4 apps" list are "awesome" -- at least not in their implementation of iOS 4 or for iPhone 4.

We touched on this already in our iPhone 4 review -- in iOS 4, Apple has set up several types of behavior that, when taken together, create the multitasking experience for the user. What the user sees is the fast app switcher that launches when you double click the home button, and the carousel animation that sends one app to the "background" and another to the "foreground".

For this to work in a user-friendly way, however, developers need to implement something called "saved state", so a snapshot of the app's current position is stored in memory, and when you return to it, restored to exactly that position in the app. This is supposed to eliminate what used to happen with 3rd party apps in previous versions of iOS -- when you left an App Store app and came back to it later, it relaunched from the beginning. This was especially frustrating, for example, if you were playing a game, got interrupted by a phone call, and then went back to your game only to have to start over.

Ideally it shouldn't happen any more on iOS 4 compatible apps. But it is. What some developers are presenting as updates, and Apple is listing as iOS 4 compatible apps, aren't implementing saved state.

While I'm not certain, it appears the baseline for iOS 4 compatibility is simply that the app isn't supposed to crash when launched in iOS 4.

And that's not enough.

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iBooks on iPhone 4- app review

With the iPhone 4 now available, many people want to use that gorgeous retina display to begin reading books on the go via iBooks. We have looked at iBooks on the iPhone 3GS and on the iPad. How does iBooks compare on the iPhone 4?

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Amazon announces Kindle Editions with Audio/Video... for iPhone and iPad

Amazon has announced Kindle Editions with Audio/Video and it looks like the only way you can get it right now is on iPhone and iPad. Kindle Editions with Audio/Video:

allows readers to enjoy the benefits of embedded video and audio clips in Kindle books. The first books to take advantage of this new technology, including Rick Steves' London by Rick Steves and Together We Cannot Fail by Terry Golway, are available in the Kindle Store

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iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS in Pictures

You didn't really think we'd let you get through a day without setting the iPhone 4 down next to the iPhone 3GS, did you?

The verdict? Well obviously we prefer the iPhone 4, but we will say that the lack of a curved back has us flipping the device around quite a bit post-pocket-pull. But the iPhone 4 is thinner, feels nicer to our hands, and... well there are a lot of "ands," the last of which is ...and you'll have to wait for our full review for our full opinion.

Ok, we'll let one thing out now: while you may have pooh-poohed the Retina display from what you've seen before, when it comes to viewing text there's just plain nothing else like it out there. We've included a detail shot of the Retina Display up against the iPhone 3GS's display after the break (along with the rest of the gallery) and we're pretty sure it'll put most arguments to rest. Yes, it's not necessary to read web pages or ebooks, but seeing electronic text at this level of refinement changes you, deep down, and suddenly all other electronic text looks like amateur-hour.

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Some iPhone 4 showing yellow blotches on Retina Display?

Seems like some iPhone 4 users are unboxing their new beauties and promptly finding some unsightly yellow splotches on the ginormous Retina Display:

In the bottom 10% of the screen there are three blotches about the size of shirt buttons that discolor the screen a brown/yellow color." You can see a demonstration of that anomaly in the image to the right.

Apple doesn't have enough stock to do exchanges yet, but it sounds like some folks are going to be heading over to the Genius Bar to swap them for fresh, functional devices just as soon as they can.

Anyone here seeing that problem? Let us know.

[Apple Discussion via TUAW]

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iPhone 4 preview

Everything you need to know about Apple's new iPhone 4

iPhone 4 is the most significant hardware revision to Apple's widescreen iPod, breakthrough internet communicator, and phone since the original iPhone 2G was released in 2007. But how significant is it? Apple CEO Steve Jobs said there were over 100 new features and singled out 8 for special attention. We'll take the most interesting of both and see just how important they are, after the break.

(For more on the software, see our massive iOS 4 feature walkthrough).

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Does the iPhone 4 really have Retina Display?

Apple states that the iPhone 4's 3.5-inch display has 614,400 78 micrometer-wide pixels which gives us a density of 326 ppi (pixels per inch). Apple claims this will give the iPhone 4 a, "pixel density so high that the human eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels" (at 12 inches). So, is this just a bit of marketing magic or does the iPhone 4 display really venture beyond the limits of the human eye?

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Do you want your iPhone apps sharpened up for iPhone 4's Retina Display?

Do you want your iPhone apps sharpened up for iPhone 4's Retina Display? iPhone 4 has a whopping 960x480 screen which is literally 4 times (twice vertical, twice horizontal) the pixel size, but the same physical size, as previous generation iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS. That's a density of over 300dpi -- print magazine quality. Existing apps will just seamlessly use 4 pixels on the iPhone 4 compared to 1 pixel on previous gen iPhones, so they'll look identical.

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