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Chevrolet MyLink brings TuneIn Radio and Siri to the car

At CES 2013, Chevrolet was showing off Siri and TuneIn Radio apps working in their 2013 Spark and Sonic vehicles. All of the features you would expect are there, such as dictating messages to Siri and checking calendar appointments via voice.

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Rumor: 50-inch Apple television already in Jonathan Ive's design lab

USA Today, based on sources who have previously worked at Apple, is contributing some more information to the increasingly large Apple Television rumor pile.

Apple is said to be looking at a 42-inch or larger LCD TV with built-in Wi-Fi. Inside the locked-down studio of Jonathan Ive, senior vice president of industrial design at Apple, there's a slick 50-inch TV, according to the source who worked at Apple.

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Rumor: Again with the Siri-powered Apple Television coming late 2012

Digitimes, the hit-or-miss rumor news site, has additional speculation from industry sources that Apple may be looking to Foxconn for assembly orders of their upcoming Siri-powered Apple Television, in addition to a number of potential bids for contracting component production.

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Rumor: 32 and 37-inch Apple Television coming in late 2012

Randomly accurate rumor site, Digitimes has word from "industry sources" that suppliers are starting to build materials for 32- and 37-inch Apple Televisions for release in the second or third quarter of 2012.

Instead of a form of set-top box (STB) like the Apple TV launched in 2006, Apple's new products will be full TV sets, the sources added [...] The displays of the new iTV sets will focus on 32 and 37-inch sizes initially, noted sources in the supply chain.

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Apple announces SIRI artificial intelligence voice control for iPhone 4S

As part of their Let's Talk iPhone event today, Apple showed off their SIRI acquisition as the new, artificially intelligent voice control system for iPhone 4S. It hooks into Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha, and it's natural language interface will automatically perform a number of tasks, including:

  • Tell my wife I'm running late
  • Remind me to call the vet
  • Any good burger joints around here?
  • Call a taxi

It can converse with you:

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TiPb Asks: What do you want from iOS 5 voice control?

I'm really looking forward to the new, system-wide "Assistant" voice control system Apple's rumored to be including in iOS 5. From the leaks, it looks like it might be implemented similar to Android -- a microphone button on the keyboard that you press to tell your iPhone or iPad you want to talk to it, then it takes your voice command or text entry, sends it to Apple's servers, and either does what you told it to do or types the text you told it to type.

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Nuance VoiceOver technology still coming to iOS 5?

It looks as if iOS 5 may still be coming packed with the rumored Nuance VoiceOver technology even though it wasn't given an official mention during Monday's WWDC keynote.

If you look closely at the image above presented during the iOS 5 portion of the keynote, you'll notice a few interesting tidbits pertaining to iOS VoiceOver integration.

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Apple to include system-wide, artificial intelligence-powered voice control in iOS 5?

TechCrunch has been told that Apple will be integrating system-wide voice control technology into iOS 5 derived from their purchase of Siri last year. Apple is reportedly putting the finishing touches on the feature which will be demoed at WWDC in June.

A year ago, Apple bought Siri, a virtual personal assistant startup that had released a very cool iPhone app. The Siri team and technology are now said to be a big part of iOS 5.

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Daily Tip: How to use the iPhone headset and mic controls

Curious how to use the headset and mic controls that come with your new iPhone or iPod touch? Did you know the stock Apple earbuds double allow you to take calls and control music even while your iPhone or iPod is tucked away in your pocket? For some more information on how to use your headphones please stay with us after the break.

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iPhone to get cheaper, better voice control, better MobileMe -- but nano a no go?

The New York Times is weighing in on the previous rumors published by Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal saying Apple may working on less expensive device with better voice control and MobileMe, but not an iPhone nano.

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