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Voice Control

VoiceActivator coming soon for your iPhone and iPod touch [Jailbreak]

Jailbreak developer chpwn is at it again and plans on releasing his new tweak VoiceActivator hopefully this week. VoiceActivator will allow you to take full control of your iPhone or iPod touch's voice control feature. It will allow users to launch apps, open URLs, use Activator actions all within the standard voice control feature.

As of now all we can tell you is he plans on releasing it sometime this coming week through Cydia and we are yet to hear anything as far as pricing goes but it should be well worth the money if you are jailbroken and have a lot of apps and many things you do daily that causes you to tap through folders and menus. If you want to follow to the status of this tweak, follow @chpwn on Twitter.

We want to hear from all you jailbreakers on who is interested in this new tweak. Also do you think Apple should have already included this as part of iOS out of the box or do you think they will include it in the next generation of iOS? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Check out a video of this awesome new tweak after the break!

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Daily tip: How to use Voice Control on your iPhone

Curious how to use your voice to dial or control your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS? Apple has built Voice Control right into the phone and while it's still limited in functionality, it's very easy to use. We'll show you how after the break.

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iPhone 3.1: Non-Destructive Video Editing, Bluetooth Voice Control, Vibrating Icon Moves, and More!

Early word from TiPb commenters and the Twitter show some new iPhone 3.1 features found already:

  • Non-destructive video editing means trimming a clip no longer saves over the original video but gives you the option to "Save as copy..."
  • Voice Control now works over Bluetooth
  • iPhone vibrates when moving icons
  • Updated AT&T profile to 4.2
  • Updated modem firmware to 5.08.01

Behind the scenes changes abound as well:

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TiPb Video: iPhone 3G S Multilingual Voice Control Challenge

Throwing any last remnants of fragile self-consciousness to the four winds, I break out my subpar French and very rusty Italian and Mandarin Chinese (Aiya!) and see if, even under the onslaught of terrible accents, Apple's new iPhone 3G S Voice Control can still do as it's told.

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Apple Demonstrates Voice Control for iPhone 3G S

In one of the more impressive demonstrations during the iPhone 3G S introduction, Apple showed off a new feature -- Voice Control.

To activate it, you hold down the "home" button (previously reserved for "force quit"). When you hear the sound, you're good to speak!

It can be used to make a call by saying either the name or number. Voice Control will repeat what you say for confirmation.

It can also be used to tell the iPod app to play a song, play a playlist, shuffle, activate Genius, or even tell you what song is currently playing.

Most impressive? It will be available in a ton of languages! (See full list after the break!)

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iPhone 3.0: Voice Control to Get "Jibbler" With It?

Ars Technica has heard from those ever-enigmatic "sources familiar with" that there might just be more going on behind the rumored new Voice Control feature in iPhone 3.0 than we've seen so far:

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Next Gen iPhone: Screen Leaks Re-Confirm Video Recording, Voice Control, More!

When it rains, it pours, and when it's pouring, and leaking, that makes a flood. No sooner did some video-recording iPhone 3.0 screen shot confirmation get posted, than BGR whipped out a slew of their own.

Double confirmed now? And will it require that next gen iPhone hardware?

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Next Gen iPhone: Video Recording Confirmed + Digital Compass, Auto-Focus Camera, and Voice Control

MacRumors has scored the scoop, showcasing what looks to be actual screen-shot caliber evidence of video recording in iPhone 3.0, and other information showing digital compass technology and voice control coming as well.

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