Tangkula 5-Piece Wicker Patio Dining Set Review: Beautify your patio

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Bottom Line: This 5-piece wicker patio set features a tempered glass top and a modern, clean aesthetic. It's made of weather-resistant material and has a sturdy steel construction that's durable and designed to last. The seat cushions are spongey and comfortable, and the covers are made of a washable polyester. It's easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary hardware and tools for construction. Take note that it does come in two separate shipments and that there's no hole for an umbrella in the table.


  • +

    Modern, durable design

  • +

    Smoky tempered glass top

  • +

    Comfy seat cushions with washable covers


  • -

    Comes in two separate shipments

  • -

    No umbrella hole

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I think we've all been spending a little more time at home than usual this year. That being said, I've been pouring a lot of energy into beautifying my living space and turning it into its own little oasis. One of my biggest projects has been working on our large outdoor patio. I've spent hours looking at outdoor patio sets, sectionals, and umbrellas and happened upon the Tangkula 5-piece Wicker Patio Set. It features a clean, modern design, a tapered glass top, and the right aesthetic for what I was going for, so I decided to try it. I'm very glad I did because it shipped quickly, was easy to assemble, and looks stunning on our patio. I'd recommend this patio set to anyone looking for quality, good looking outdoor furniture.

The Tangkula Wicker Patio Set Features

Tangkula Wicker Patio Set

Tangkula Wicker Patio Set (Image credit: iMore)

This five-piece outdoor patio set is made of weather-resistant materials. The dining table has a stable and sturdy construction and is durable and designed to last. The seat cushions are made of premium, weather-resistant, PE rattan materials and the zippered covers are made of a conveniently washable polyester.

The covered soft sponge seat cushions ensure a comfortable sitting experience. Each cushion has a strap with a hook and loop fastener that fixes it tightly on the chair. On hot summer days, you can remove the cushions entirely and sit on the cool rattan surface instead.

This set comes with four chairs and one table with a smoky, tempered glass top. It's easy to assemble and clean. This set includes all hardware and necessary tools for an easy and quick assembly. An instruction manual with diagrams is also included.

Aesthetic What I love

Tangkula Patio Set

Tangkula Patio Set (Image credit: iMore)

This table looks fabulous.

I love the black and white contrast of colors, and the smoky tempered glass top is gorgeous. We love modern design and aesthetics in our home, and this five-piece set fits the bill perfectly. It's also a nice size and accommodates four people very comfortably. We've hosted several dinners and cocktail hours on it and have always received compliments on how nice it looks. It was the perfect addition to our outdoor patio space.

Easy to assemble

Tangkula Wicker Patio Set

Tangkula Wicker Patio Set (Image credit: iMore)

This set was straightforward to assemble. One person could definitely put it together alone, but my husband and I tag-teamed it and were able to put the entire five-piece set together in about 45 minutes. It comes with all of the necessary hardware and tools to put it together. The most time-consuming items are the chairs, which require four screws, a washer, and a bolt connection each. Instructions were simple, straightforward, and included visual diagrams to follow. All of the little bolts, washers, and tools were clearly labeled and numbered, which made things easy and seamless as well.


Tangkula Wicker Patio Set

Tangkula Wicker Patio Set (Image credit: iMore)

The chairs and base of the table are made of sturdy weather-proof wicker and seem very durable.

The rattan chair cushions are made of premium, weather-resistant PE material and the covers are made of a washable polyester for better long-term wear. The cushions themselves are spongey and super comfy to sit on. The cushions are also fully removable if you prefer to go without for whatever reason. The one thing I was a bit nervous about was keeping the white chair cushions clean, but so far so good; they've maintained their beautiful color very well. If they do get dirty, you can unzip them and throw them directly into your washing machine.

Glass top

Tangkula Wicker Patio Set

Tangkula Wicker Patio Set (Image credit: iMore)

Who doesn't love a glass top table?

This glass top is particularly appealing because it's a smoky tempered glass. The table frame features tiny suction cups designed to hold strategic points of the tempered glass to keep it firmly in place. This being an outdoor piece, the glass does get a bit dirty from time to time, so you'll want to maintain it with a good glass cleaner regularly.

Additional features I would have liked What could be better

Tangkula Wicker Patio Set

Tangkula Wicker Patio Set (Image credit: iMore)

There's not much missing from this set, but the one design addition I would make would be a hole in the center of the table for an umbrella. Don't get me wrong, you can totally use a free-standing umbrella to the side of the table and get the same kind of shade, but I always think an umbrella looks nice in the center of outdoor patio sets.

Two separate shipments

Tangkula Wicker Patio Set Parts

Tangkula Wicker Patio Set Parts (Image credit: iMore)

The other thing that was kind of annoying about this set was that it came in two separate shipments. The chairs and the table are packaged separately, and the chairs arrived on my doorstep a full three days before the table did. There was no hardware included with the chairs either, so I could not put them together until I received the table in the second shipment that did include all necessary tools and hardware. It all worked out fine in the end, but it would have been nice if both shipments could have arrived on the same day or, at the very least, a little closer together.

Bottom line

This five-piece wicker patio set is beautiful and really adds to our overall outdoor patio aesthetic. We receive compliments on it all of the time and love that it features a clean and modern design. It's sturdy, weather-resistant, and easy to assemble. I would recommend this set to anyone looking for quality, good looking outdoor furniture.

Elevate your patio's style with this easy to assemble, gorgeous, five-piece outdoor patio set.

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