Tanktastic picks up new maps and tanks, gives out MOGA Ace Controllers

Tanktastic forest

We last looked at Tanktastic, it was pretty much the only game online tank combat game in town for iOS.  Now faced with competition from Tank Domination, Ukrainian developer G.H.O.R. Corporation has recently published a major Tanktastic update. They're also giving out MOGA controllers as part of a contest that ends on February 4th. Read on to learn about the contest, plus exclusive details on the update and the future of Tanktastic!

Version 1.18 update release notes

  • 2 new maps: Forest and City
  • 14 new tanks
  • Upgrades
  • Camouflages
  • Different armament
  • Artillery
  • Autocannons
  • IR Smoke
  • Updated tank control
  • Updated environment graphics
  • Updated tanks graphics
  • Updated game balance
  • Regional chats
  • Bugfixes and optimizations

New maps

Tanktastic city

A few months back, the Tanktastic team conducted a poll to  determine what types of maps users would most like to see in the game. The top choices were forest and city maps, which now debut in this update. Along with original maps Oilfield, Military, and Demo, Tanktastic now has five total maps.

Tanktastic city map

The city map stretches for several blocks, resembling an 8 or infinity symbol when viewed from above. Combatants won’t contend with bystander traffic or pedestrians which might bog down the engine. But the city has something that other maps don’t: overpasses. Hop on to an elevated road and you’ll have an excellent view of oncoming foes.

Tanktastic forest

As for the forest map, it contains plenty of trees, grasses, and rocks through which to navigate. Both trees and rocks provide cover to warring tanks. Forest also holds plenty of hills and uneven terrain, making for a diverse and challenging battlefield.

New tanks galore

Tanktastic tank select

Part of the appeal of tank combat games is their authentic selection of real-life tanks from around the world. The update adds the following vehicles to the mix, pushing the tank count up to 50:


United Kingdom:


Germany (West Germany):

Russia/Soviet Union:

  • TOS-1a (24-barrel multiple rocket launcher mounted on a T-72 tank chassis)
  • 2S19 Msta (self-propelled artillery, based on the T-80 tank full and powered by the T-72 diesel engine)
  • Black Eagle (main battle tank)

New weapons and balance changes

Autocannons: a rapid-fire projectile weapon that fires armor-piercing or explosive shells. Tank vehicles like the Marder can use autocannons to shoot and spray enemies with shells.

Infrared Smoke: fire a smokescreen that not only blocks visible light, it also prevents detection from infrared sensors or viewers. During gameplay, IR smoke will help combatants make a quick escape or simply obscure their movements to the enemy.

Updated game balance:

  • Gun features – Spread: Guidance on the tank does not completely guarantee a hit.
  • Armor thickness: Tank turrets are now more armored, whereas their backsides have less protection. This encourages sneak attacks.

The tank game to beat

Tanktastic M1A2 Abrams

While Tanktastic has some competition from Tank Domination, the latter can’t compete in multiplayer options. Tanktastic has three game types instead of just one, a party system, and in-game chat. Tank Domination does offer twice as many maps (ten instead of five), but parties and chat are far more important to the multiplayer experience.

Neither game supports the iOS MOGA controller right now, but G.H.O.R. tells us that MOGA support will be added in the next title update. Expect more tanks as well.

Tanktastic is free to play. In-app purchases include coins (the game’s currency) and premium account access. Premium accounts gain experience and coins faster than standard accounts. Whether players choose to play for free or not, they’re bound to have a good time in this game of tank battles.

Tanktastic MOGA Giveaway

To celebrate the New Year, the Tanktastic team is giving out MOGA controllers for iOS and Android. Simply like the game’s Facebook page and then fill out the entry form, naming your platform of choice. Winners will be chosen at random each Tuesday until prizes run out. The contest ends on February 4th, so enter soon!

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