Taylor Swift's newest album Lover now available on Apple Music

Taylor Swift Apple Music lab
Taylor Swift Apple Music lab (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Taylor Swift's seventh studio album, Lover, is now available on Apple Music.
  • The album features St. Vincent, Cautious Clay, and Jack Antonoff.
  • To coincide with the album's release, Apple Music Lab has new sessions where you can remix a song from the new record.

Taylor Swift on Friday released her seventh studio album (opens in new tab), Lover, and you can listen to it now on Apple Music (opens in new tab).

In the lead up to Lover's release Swift has introduced a handful of singles including "ME!," "You Need to Calm Down," "The Archer," and "Lover." Today you can listen to the album in its entirety in what's being referred to as the singer's most "free-spirited" record yet.

Apple Music's editors' notes reflects on Swift's journey:

Arriving 13 years after her eponymous debut album—and following a string of songs that sometimes felt like battle scars from public breakups and celebrity feuds—this project comes off clear-eyed, thick-skinned, and grown-up. It may be a sign that the 29-year-old has entered a new phase of her life: She's now impressively private (she and her long-term boyfriend are rarely seen together in public), politically fired up (this album finds her fighting for queer and women's rights), and eager to see the big picture (fans have speculated that the gut-wrenching "Soon You'll Get Better" is about her mother's battles with cancer).

Don't just listen to Swift's latest album. Thanks to Apple Music Lab, you can attend an Apple session where you'll remix the song "You Need to Calm Down."

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