How To Calibrate Color On Apple TVSource: Christopher Close / iMore

What you need to know

  • tvOS 14.5 allows users to adjust their Apple TV color balance without adjusting their TV.
  • Tests performed by a professional TV calibrator show that Apple's Color Balance feature could make things look worse.

Apple's tvOS 14.5 update added a new Color Balance feature that promises to adjust your Apple TV's video output to look as great as possible without making changes to your TV's settings. But new tests carried out by a professional calibrator show that it could actually make things look worse than before.

Professional television calibrator Vincent Teoh was the one who carried out the tests, posting his findings to YouTube. Teoh tests three different TVs using two different Apple TV 4K boxes – and one of those TVs was a £30,000 reference monitor. After running Apple's Color Balance feature, the results showed a general shift towards blue, while overall color accuracy was less than ideal.

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Check the video out and see for yourself.

We ran the [Color Balance] process using an Apple TV 4K box (1st gen) & an iPhone 12 Pro on an LG C9 OLED TV, a Samsung Q80T QLED TV, & a Sony XH90 (X900H) LED LCD television, then measured the results. We even used a Sony BVM-HX310 mastering monitor worth £30,000 as reference.

The video makes for an interesting watch, even if a lot of what's said gets down into the TV calibration weeds. That might be part of the point here, though. Most people aren't going to pay to have their TVs calibrated at all. Surely Apple TV's Color Balance feature is better than nothing, right?

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