These iPhone X wallpapers put the inside of your phone on display

Each year, tech help and how-to site iFixit shares a multitude of teardowns of new devices so you can see just what makes them tick. Then, at the end of the year, they share a wallpaper or two that puts those internal mechanisms on display. This year, the site is celebrating the end of their "teardown extravaganza" by releasing some really, really cool iPhone X wallpapers, because "Apple spent too much effort on the iPhone X's hardware to cover it up with glass that you can't even see through."

The wallpapers come in a "normal" version (i.e. what the hardware would look like if you were to remove the screen) and an x-ray version (which looks as though your viewing the hardware through an x-ray machine). Both wallpapers work in "Still" and "Perspective" modes, but iFixit suggests "Still," probably because Perspective mode allows the image on the screen to move around as you move your phone, which would detract from the see-through illusion.

According to iFixit, here's how to get your wallpaper:

  1. For best results, navigate to the their blog post on your phone.
  2. Find the image you want as your wallpaper.
  3. Click on the photo for the full resolution.
  4. Save the image on to your phone.

After that, you can set the wallpaper by launching the Settings app and tapping on Wallpaper. If you tap Choose a New Wallpaper, it will pull up all your recent photos, including downloads. Now, go forth and show off how impressive your new iPhone X is, inside and out.


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Tory Foulk

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