Prime members, get three months of Audible for just $15 total

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This is how we know it's almost Prime Day because Amazon starts doting on Prime members with awesome, and rare, deals. Right now you can get 66% off a three-month subscription to Audible (opens in new tab). That's three months for the price one. You'll pay $4.85 a month instead of the regular $14.95. The only catch is this deal is for new users, and, of course, you have to be a Prime member (opens in new tab) or be on the 30-day free trial.

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Audible three month subscription for 66 percent off (opens in new tab)

This deal is so good the last time Amazon offered it was... last year's Prime Day.

At the end of the three months, you'll start paying the regular monthly charge. Since this deal bills you monthly, you can just pay $5 for the first month, decide you don't like it, then cancel the trial and your subscription without paying for the rest of it. Or if it works for you just keep with it. The choice is yours.

You will get a credit for one audiobook every month. and those credits can be used on any audiobook on Audible regardless of price. You'll also get to select two Audible Originals every month from Amazon's curated selection, essentially giving you three free audiobooks every month. Other benefits of Audible include access to podcasts and specific audio programs completely ad free and discounts up to 30% off on additional audiobooks. You can also swap audiobooks for no extra charge, and when your subscription ends you get to keep any you've already collected.

While you can use a device like the new Kindle Paperwhite (opens in new tab), you don't need anything special to listen to Audible. Download the app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and listen whenever you want. Bookmark our Prime Day hub for more awesome Prime Day deals as the big event inches ever closer.

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