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Aukey's discounted USB surge protectors can protect your tech for as low as $10

Have you tried finding a power strip (opens in new tab) or surge protector in a brick-and-mortar store lately? The choices are slim and expensive, and they're outdated too. One of the main ways people charge electronics these days is with a USB cable, but good luck finding a power strip in-store that has a USB port on it. On the other hand, Amazon has a good selection available from various manufacturers, though most aren't cheap. Today however, Aukey is offering a sale on two of its USB Surge Protectors (opens in new tab) which feature both AC outlets and USB ports with prices starting at just $10. You'll need to use the appropriate promo code during checkout to snag the sale price.

The most affordable of the power strips on sale today is this 5 outlet + 2 USB (opens in new tab) option which falls to $9.99 using promo code 8I9VM3SZ. That's a savings of $17 off its current price there, and it's a deal that's valid on both the white and black models of the product.

If you're in need of more AC outlets, there's a version with 8 outlets and 2 USB ports (opens in new tab) for $14.82 with promo code 7BVCA9ZG. That saves you 50% off its average cost, though it's been selling consistently for $38 since last summer.

Both of these products help to guard against power surges and spikes, prevent overheating and overcharging, and come with built-in mounting holes. A 24-month warranty is included with your purchase as well.

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