Backup your data. You know you should. You probably don't. And if you do, you probably haven't done it in a while. Think about everything you'd lose right now without a proper backup.

This deal from Carbonite gets you a full year of their backup services at half price. Those services include backing up your data, protection for an unlimited number of photo, music, and other media files, and the ability to access all your data from any device.

It's only good for new customers, not anyone who already subscribes, and will cover a year of backup for $30. After that the price returns to $60 a year. It's worth noting there are a few small differences between the Windows and Mac versions, but the one difference we noted between the basic plans is that Windows offers the option of a personal encryption key and Mac does not.

Backing up the data keeps it safe from malware attacks, like the recent WannaCry scare, and physical problems, like a fire or flooding. The simplest way to back up your data is to just dump it all onto a physical hard drive or something similar, but that comes with a lot of its own problems. For one, if you're protecting your data from fire or flooding, chances are your physical backup is susceptible to the same situation. If it's not, then it's inconveniently tucked away in a safe or deposit box somewhere and terribly out of date. Either way, your data is still vulnerable to a great deal of loss.

Online backup services, like Carbonite, offer an easier solution. With Carbonite, like any online backup service, you can upload all your data in one place. They store it for you, save it for when you need it, and make sure it stays encrypted. You can update it when you want, access it easily, and expand the plan to cover your entire family if need be. It just makes a lot more sense to use a service like this when something as important as everything on your computer is at stake.

Data backup is the sort of thing everyone knows is the right thing to do. We read these articles and think, "Yah, I'll get around to it." and then never do it. Do yourself, and your data, a favor and make it happen. It's not the sort of thing you want to regret later.

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