An easier way to keep your controllers charged is with a docking station. After getting in the habit of setting them down on the dock every night, you should never have to lose playtime because of a dead battery again. Fosmon makes some super popular charging gear and today only you can save on docking stations for Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

The well-reviewed Fosmon dual controller charger for Xbox One is down to $15.29 in black and just a few dollars more in white. This docking station comes with two rechargeable battery packs that replace the battery housing on the back of your Xbox One controller, turning controllers that once needed AA batteries into rechargeable ones that can last for up to 33 hours of play time. When you're done playing for the night, simply set your equipped Xbox One controller down on the dock to power the battery pack back up. The dock even features an LED indicator to help let you know when your controllers are finished charging.

If you're Nintendo Switch gamer, you can pick up the Fosmon docking station for your Joy-Con and Pro Controllers for just $10.99. This sale price is the lowest we've ever seen it go at around $7 off. It can charge up four Joy-Cons at once, or one Pro Controller and two Joy-Cons meaning you and the whole family will always be ready to game. Fosmon includes a limited lifetime warranty with whichever docking station you purchase, too.

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