The Nintendo Switch was designed to be used as a portable gaming console, which means every Switch owner should be well-prepared for on-the-go gaming. That console still costs a pretty penny, which is why you should protect yours while traveling with the Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe System Case. Unlike other options, this case can fit the Nintendo Switch dock and its most important peripherals, and today you can snag one for just $28.90 via Amazon. At a savings of over $10 off its regular price of $40, you'll be snagging one of the best deals ever offered on this handy travel case.


Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe System Case

The Nintendo Switch was intended to be used on-the-go, and now you can bring it along safely with this deluxe travel case. It's been licensed by Nintendo, and today's price makes for one of its best ever. A few smaller game cases are included as well.

$28.90 $39.99 $11 off

Officially licensed by Nintendo, the Game Traveler case is constructed with a durable hard-shell case made of ballistic nylon and a vacuum-formed felt-lined interior that can hold your complete Nintendo Switch system as well as extra Joy-Con controllers or even the Pro Controller. Two multi-game storage cases are included also, which can hold four games apiece, as well as two microSD card cases. If you didn't already know, a microSD card is an essential purchase for Nintendo Switch gamers as the console can only hold 32GB on its own. There's also room in the case for your power and HDMI cables.

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