Nintendo Labo is one of the coolest things coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018, and Gamers Club Unlocked members at Best Buy can currently pre-order either Labo kit at a discount; the Variety Kit drops to $55.99 from $69.99, while the Robot Kit falls to $63.99 from $79.99.

If you're not already a Gamers Club Unlocked member but think this is a great deal, it'd also be a great time to join the club as you can get a two-year membership for only $30. With this purchase alone, you'll make back half of that in savings. From then on, you'll get 20% off purchases of new games at Best Buy, 10% off pre-owned games, exclusive gaming offers and more, which all adds up pretty quickly if you're a regular gamer.

If you haven't heard about what Nintendo Labo can do, check out this short video on it first:

Each kit comes with software for the Nintendo Switch along with a variety of cardboard pieces which you fold together to create accessories for your Joy-Cons. Putting the "Toy-Con" accessories together is easy with provided instructions, even a kid could do it.

The Variety Kit gives you the power to create an RC car, a fishing rod, a house, a motorbike and a piano which you can then use in various games with your Nintendo Switch. Likewise, the Robot Kit lets you create a wearable suit and assume control of a robot in a variety of mini-games on the Switch.

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