Have your home ready for your return with 20% off these Philips Hue smart light bundles

Philips Hue bulbs (opens in new tab) are some of the most popular smart lights out there, and for good reason. They're all built to work seamlessly together so you can control them as a group, set lighting themes, and more all from your phone wherever you go. Whether you're new to Hue or you already have a few bulbs in your home, there's a sale going on at the Philips Hue website you'll want to check out. While supplies last, select Philips Hue Smart Light bundles are 20% off (opens in new tab) with prices starting at $94.99. The bundles are usually a smart way to grab multiple Hue products at a slight discount, which makes sales on them all the more worthwhile.

For those who are new to Philips Hue smart lighting, you'll want to pick a bundle that includes the Bridge as that allows you to connect and control up to 50 lights and accessories. There are a few expansion bundles which don't include it, so make sure not to choose one of those unless your home already has a Philips Hue Bridge.

Today's sale includes deals like the Indoor Motion Starter Bundle that includes four bulbs, the Bridge, and an indoor motion sensor to trigger the lights automatically for $114.99, which is $25 off its regular price, and the Outdoor Security Starter Bundle with two PAR38 bulbs, an outdoor motion sensor, and the Bridge for $129.99. That's a slightly larger savings of $30. There are options with pendant lights, candle bulbs, and more (opens in new tab), so don't miss this opportunity!

Alex Smith

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