Update: Unfortunately, the Amazon trial deal has expired, but Prime members can still grab the game for $47.99!

Mario's latest adventure heads to the Nintendo Switch on October 27. Prime Members usually save 20% on new game pre-orders, however we've just uncovered a way for you to save an additional $10, bringing the total cost down to just $37.99. But there is one minor step you've got to take to get this deal.

What you'll want to do is activate this free trial of Music Unlimited following the steps provided. Afterwards, you'll receive a free $10 promo credit which can be used on anything sold and shipped from Amazon directly - including new games such as Super Mario Odyssey or Cuphead.

Join Mario in a 3D trek around the globe in Super Mario Odyssey. This is the first time Mario's gotten to explore a sandbox-style 3D world since 2002's awesome Super Mario Sunshine for GameCube, and the legendary Super Mario 64 for N64 from 1996. He's got some new moves this time around, including the hat toss which allows you to interact with objects and enemies in the game in a surprising way. The game can even be played two-player with one person controlling Mario while the other controls Cappie (the hat).

Don't forget to activate your free Music Unlimited trial! Your promo credit will be waiting for you and listed when you checkout.

FYI - the Nintendo Switch is currently in stock at Amazon! Grab it before Super Mario Odyssey arrives with either Neon Red and Blue Joy-Cons or the standard gray ones for $299.99.

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