One of Amazon's daily deals features a selection of Wonder Workshop coding robots on sale. These prices will only last through the rest of the day, and you'll even be able to get some accessories on sale that help you customize your robots like the Wonder Workshop Build Brick Extensions for just $13.50.

Get the Wonder Workshop Dash robot for $82.99 in this sale. It normally sells for around $150, and today's deal marks the first time the Dash has ever dropped below $110. It's a voice-activated robot, and it comes with challenge cards to help kids learn about loops, conditions, and more. There are five free programming apps and an open-ended learning platform that helps teach kids.

There are plenty of bundles available for the Dash robot, too. For example, this $166.99 Wonder Pack bundle includes the smaller Dot robot, a few of those build brick connectors, a xylophone, and more. You'll be able to combine the robots, program them for different activities, and even add more expansions with everything on sale today.

If you need a robot a little more in line with your budget, the Dot Creativity Kit is only $51.18 today. That's its lowest price compared to a regular $80 price. The robot uses multiple sensors, loaded technology, and the 20 project cards it comes with so your kids can play games with him like Duck Duck Goose. You'll be able to customize him with costumes and stickers, and code him to do what you want.

Many of the robots can be used by children as young as six, and they come with plenty of instructions and guides. The STEM learning apps are available on iOS and Android. They also work on Kindle mobile devices. These robots are a great balance between having fun and learning. Some, like Dot, have even won awards.

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