How many gadgets do you carry with you in a single day? A tablet, laptop, smartphone, headphones, chargers, wearables, fitness trackers, handheld gaming's hard to define what's essential for every day when all your tech is so cool.

Take it all and then some with one of these discounted travel bags.

The AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack is down to $35, which is the best price we've ever seen for this item. It normally sells for around $10 more and received tons of great reviews. It has an internal zippered laptop sleeve, a ton of space in the middle, and a bunch of organizational pockets for important documents, keys, and the like. It's also designed to be the perfect airplane carry-on companion.

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Alternatively, if you're traveling light, this AmazonBasics Ultralight Packable Day Pack is what you're looking for. It'll only run you $11. It's more of an everyday bag, with enough room for your essentials. As long as you're not taking the kitchen sink with you, it'll be perfect for daily use. When you're done, it can be tucked away into itself for neat storage.

Speaking of everyday essentials, have you seen this one-day Anker Bluetooth speaker sale?

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