It's important to keep your tech safe, but that task can be difficult when you're running around outside, chilling in the sand, or floating down a river. Luckily, today you can solve the problems before they occur by clicking this link and nabbing four Veckle Waterproof Pouches for only $8.99. They usually cost $15, and today's deal is the best price we've seen for them.

These dry bags have an IPX8 rating, meaning your device will be protected from water, rain, snow, mud, and whatever else you're throwing at it. You won't lose functionality either. Your camera and touchscreen will still be perfectly usable while your phone is in the case. The simple snap and lock mechanism is easy to use but it securely seals your device inside, and the pouch floats in water too, though the included lanyards make it easy to keep your stuff close by.

These are compatible with phones up to 6 inches. For a better fit, you may have to remove your phone case, which shouldn't be an issue since your gear will be protected anyway.

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