Apple AirTags may be the best looking and perfect for the Apple ecosystem, but you do have excellent alternatives available for your iPhone. Tile trackers predate AirTags by many years and are good enough to go head to head with them. You get everything you'd need to track an item with your iPhone: Range, waterproofing, Siri compatibility, and a lot more.

This bundle of Tile trackers is on sale for Black Friday. It comes with the Tile Pro and the Tile Slim Bluetooth trackers. The biggest advantage of getting Tile devices over AirTags is that they're compatible with all iPhone generations. However, you'll need to install an additional app. Meanwhile, you can only use an AirTag if you're using the iPhone 11 or 12.

Let's talk about range. The little diamond-shaped Tile Pro boasts an impressive 400-feet range instead of the AirTag's 100 feet. Meanwhile, the slim and trim Tile Slim that looks like any other card in your wallet has a 250-feet Bluetooth range. Tile Pro will give you a year-long battery life while the Slim iteration lasts thrice as long.

Tile Performance Pack 2020 Reco

Tile Performance Pack (2020) | $18 off

This bundle comes with the little AirTag-rival, Tile Pro, and a credit card imposter, the Tile Slim. Both Bluetooth trackers are great to ensure you keep track of your wallet, keys, or anything else with your iPhone. Get this 2-pack today for $18 off.

$42 at Amazon

Both the Tile Pro and the Tile Slim come with a great waterproof IP67 rating. Even if your items get splashed around in the water, you're still going to find them. These trackers can also be found if they are lost beyond your iPhone's Bluetooth range. There is an added layer of security in place for such emergencies.

Tile has a community that helps you find its trackers outside of the Bluetooth range. Anyone who finds your possessions can scan the QR code on the Tile trackers to alert the owner about the discovery.

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