Tim Cook shares stunning iPhone photos in honor of World Photography Day

What you need to know

  • To celebrate World Photography Day, Tim Cook shared beautiful photos taken with iPhone.
  • Some of the images contained impressive gardens of Tulips and the stunning scenery of a Baku beach.
  • Tim Cook gave credit to every photographer by including their Instagram handle.

Today happens to be World Photography Day and in honor of that, Tim Cook shared some truly stunning photos that were taken with an iPhone. In total, he shared six images that are fantastic at advertising the quality of the iPhone's camera.

Here's what Tim Cook initially stated before he started sharing the photos:

Happy WorldPhotographyDay! Today and every day we are inspired by what our customers capture with iPhone. Take a look at some of our recent favorites from around the world.

And here are all the images he shared:

With each photo, Cook gave credit to the respective photo taker by including their Instagram handle, provided some context to each photo and included the hashtag #shotoniPhone that Apple has used for marketing. From the scenic Tulip garden to the gorgeous scenery of the Dolomites, these are spectacular photos.

Next time you share an impressive photo taken with an iPhone, make sure you include the #shotoniPhone hashtag. Who knows when Tim Cook might give you a shoutout.

Danny Zepeda