Tiny Story! for iPhone and iPad bundles a cute story line with fun puzzles and amazing graphics

Tiny Story! for iPhone and iPad tells the story of a ladybug who just wants to fall in love. In order to impress the ladybug of his dreams, you'll have to help him solve puzzles by interacting with other insects and characters by completing puzzles.

Throughout the game you'll be asked to complete tasks in the form of puzzles. Some will require you to help other forest creatures. From helping a spider get a mid-day snack to finding objects, Tiny Story! is a great time waster with great graphics to boot.

Most of the puzzles and story lines you'll follow are simply tapping on objects. A lot of them will require good timing in order to complete objectives. You'll be given so many hints along the way by tapping on the question mark.

If you happen to pick up Tiny Story! for iPhone or iPad, let us know what you think! The beautiful graphics are reason alone to check it out for yourself.

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.