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Every week a few of us from team TiPb will bring you our current favorite, fun, most useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they’re iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch related, they’re fair game.

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Alli's Pick: Evernote

You may have noticed that I recommend Evernote a lot in the forums. That's because I use Evernote. A lot.

Evernote is multiplatform, so not only can you use it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, but your Mac, your pc, your Android device, or even your Pre. One little note goes everywhere you go, regardless of hardware or geographical location.

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Type a note, scribble a note on your screen, record an audio note, or attach a photo. (From your desktop, you can even add documents.) You can email your notes right from the iPhone app and share with your friends or colleagues.

Searching is a dream, and you can tag your notes to your heart's content. Of course, Evernote is free, so you have nothing to lose - everything to gain!

[Free - iTunes link]

Ally's pick: Cut the rope

The latest update to Cut The Rope adds not only a new box but new challenges to the already fun game. You'll now have anti-gravity and a few new obstacles to navigate through.

The first few boxes were relatively easy to breeze through but Cosmic proves a bit more challenging. I'm currently working my way through and 3-starring all the levels in Cosmic Box. I'm about 3/4 of the way through and can't wait for even more boxes to pop up in an update.

[$0.99 - iTunes Link]

Andrew's pick: NPR News

If you're a fan of NPR radio like I am, then you're going to love the NPR News app for iPhone. Not only can you do things like read NPR news articles and share interesting articles on Facebook and Twitter, but you can dive in even deeper to discover NPR hourly news programming in streaming audio format with playlist support. Want to get a 20 minute recap of today's news? Set up a personalized news playlist with selected news broadcasts to help you get up to speed.

What I love about this app is the live radio stream wherever you are. There's a fairly long stretch during my daily commute where I have little to no reception of the local NPR station. I just whip out my iPhone, launch NPR News and I have a crystal clear broadcast to hook into my car stereo. You can also download clips from popular NPR podcasts like Car Talk, Morning Addition and All Things Considered. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab it now!

[Free - iTunes link]

Brian's picks: Slice It!

Slice It! Is a great puzzle/brain game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that makes you slice different shapes into equal ratio or surface area. There are 140+ stages in the game and as you move up in stages you will encounter even tougher challenges. Each level gives you a maximum of 5 stars and you even get ribbons if you can manage to slice the shape perfectly. If you get stuck on a certain level you can even ask for a hint to help you on the road to success. Slice It! also incorporates Game Center achievements so you can keep track of all your successes. The app also utilizes the iPhone 4 retina display and is universal for all devices so you only need to purchase it once! The game is currently only $0.99 in the App Store and provides for hours of fun and challenges.

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

Farbod's pick: TuneIn

The best radio app on the app store, TuneIn, allows you to search and listen to over 40,000 local radio stations. You can even pause, rewind, and record live radio just like a DVR. The newest version of the app also includes multitask support and AirPlay. There is no need for an FM radio on your iPhone with TuneIn Radio!

[$1.99 - iTunes link]

George's pick: Sleep Cycle Alarm

Sleep Cycle Alarm is a unique alarm clock, that not only wakes you up, but monitors your sleep patterns as well.

It uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to monitor your sleep pattern so that it can wake you up when you’re in a light sleeping state, using either one of its 8 unique alarms, a default “beeping” alarm, or any song in your iPod Library. If that fails, your iPhone vibrates, to wake you.

It presents your sleep in a graph for you to review in the morning, and calculates your nightly sleep time and your average sleep, which you can then post to Facebook or email to a friend.

For only 99c/59p, even if you don’t see the need for it, its worth a look at anyway.

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

Leanna's pick: Penultimate

Penultimate really is the ultimate note taking application for the iPad. Many people on Twitter have been seeking math help me from lately, and Penultimate is perfect for that. I can write it up on Penultimate, screenshot it, and quickly tweet it back. If desired, I can even email it.

I think what makes Penultimate stand out for me is how it makes your pen strokes look nice - they don't have a fixed width. It reminds me of using a super nice gel pen and improves the look of my handwriting (which needs all the help it can get).

If you want to use your iPad to take handwritten notes, check out Penultimate!

[$3.99 -iTunes link]

Rene's pick: Infinity Blade

I'm going to delete Infinity Blade. I swear to the lords of kobol. Not since Angry Birds has a game made me lose this much sleep. And I need sleep, though obviously not as much as I need to move through a lavishly rendered, gorgeously designed Unreal 3D environment and fight my way past seemingly endless baddies until my blood line gets strong enough to take out the biggest baddie of them all.

Sure Infinity Blade is on rails. Sure you're basically repeating the same game over and over again, gaining more power, spells, armor, and swords as you go. But as I'm wearing my adamtine helmet, frying suckers with my Odin ring, and carving them up on my way to though those amazing vistas and visuals -- I don't care. It's simple without being simplistic. And it's a ton of fun.

What's more, Infinity Blade is a universal app so you can buy it once and play it on all your iOS devices. I'll echo Jeremy's gripe that it would be nice if progress synced between the iPad and iPhone version so we could just pick up either one and keep playing, but overall it's also the most amazing graphics I've seen on iPhone and iPad to date and that's saying a lot.

[$5.99 - iTunes link]

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