Tips and tricks to help you win battles in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The tactical gameplay in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is likely going to feel new and unfamiliar to a lot of people familiar with the Mario and Rabbids franchises, which means it can be a little frustrating at first. Don't worry; the game doesn't expect you to be a master right away; however, the difficulty level goes up pretty fast, and you're bound to get a few game overs if you're not careful.

I've compiled a handful of helpful tips to get through even the toughest battles with perfect scores and even help you find all the hidden treasure in the Mushroom Kingdom during your journey!

Search everywhere

As you make your way through the Mushroom Kingdom between battles, make sure you search every inch of each level to ensure you haven't missed anything.

There are a plethora of switches, moveable boxes, pipes, cannons, and other objects you can interact with to unlock different parts of the level which usually leads to some coins or a chest.

For example, you'll come across a few blue cannons — like the one pictured above —on your journey and these cannons lead you to a secret area that contains golden chests, which contain weapons and other rare items you can use.

Use the Tacticam — a lot!

Like any tactical combat game ever made, you will only be as good on the battlefield as the intel you gather.

Before each battle, you'll be given a chance to prepare for the skirmish you're about to get into by using the Tacticam. This allows you to not only scout out the battlefield ahead, but also view the enemies movement range, health, damage output, special abilities, and other useful stats.

You can also use the Tacticam during a battle, meaning you can check all the important stats of the enemies and your squad at any point during your turn. Use the Tacticam often to make sure you know where your enemies are and how much health they have left before every action, and you'll notice an improvement in how well you fare in a fight.

Use the best team and items for the job

mario rabbids kingdom battle unlock characters

mario rabbids kingdom battle unlock characters (Image credit: iMore)

The other advantage to using the Tacticam before a battle is it gives you a chance to switch your team members or equip different weapons before each battle.

Different team member have different skills which can be useful against certain enemies, and different weapons have different effects which may be stronger against other types of enemies. Analyze each battle and make sure you're going into the fray with the best team and items to get the job done.

Always use cover

When you leave team members out in the open, it means every enemy on the battlefield can shoot at that target with 100% accuracy. There is practically no good reason to ever leave someone defenseless.

Utilize the cover around the battlefield to make your characters harder to hit. Big obstacles will give you 100% cover from enemies in front of you, meaning they won't be able to shoot you at all, while smaller obstacles will give you 50% cover, meaning enemies will only have a 50% chance of hitting you.

Don't forget, that some cover can be destroyed if it's damaged enough, so make sure you aren't sending your allies behind any obstacles that have taken a few hit already.

Go for the objective

(Image credit: iMore)

A lot of battles have a condition for winning and most of the time it's to defeat all enemies on the field; however, sometimes you just need to beat a certain enemy or reach a particular area.

Make sure you are always going for the objective. If the aim is to kill a certain enemy, attack that enemy with everything you've got as fast as possible. If the point of the mission is to reach a certain area, you get your fastest character to that area as quick as possible.

If you spend too much time fighting unnecessary enemies, you'll drain your resources, weaken your characters, and just make it harder to win.

Don't be afraid to use special techniques

Each character in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has a unique special technique. These techniques can grant characters extra attacks or even increase their defenses. Don't be afraid to use them pretty often to gain an advantage in battle.

Special techniques have a cooldown period — usually two or three rounds — making them a replenishable resource. If you keep waiting for the "perfect" time to use your techniques, you may risk making the battle harder for yourself.

Keep an eye out for the best time to use your special techniques, but don't be scared to use them when you think you need to; they will always come back.

Dash through enemies whenever you can

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Image credit: Nintendo and Ubisoft)

Each character is capable of dashing through an enemy square and dealing some damage to their health bar. On top of dashing, that character can still attack that round with a weapon as well, meaning dashing is extra damage!

A good strategy is to dash through enemy space when you can move into cover immediately after. This way you can rack up the damage on them but keep yourself safe from enemy attacks.

The more dashing you do, the easier it will be to defeat your foes quickly, meaning you can get a better score and more coins at the end of each battle.

Do you have any tips?

Do you know any tips or tricks for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle? Share your knowledge with the community by posting a comment down below!

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