Tips, tricks, and cheats to win at Fortnite multiplayer modes: Duo and Squad!

Fortnite on iPhone
Fortnite on iPhone (Image credit: iMore)

While Fortnite is often a solo game, two modes allow you to play with friends. Duo mode will let you team up with one other person, while Squad mode will seeing you suiting up with three other players.

The fundamentals of Duo and Squad are still the same; however, working together as a team does take some finesse. If you're looking to lead your team to victory, here are five tips that will help your squad secure victory!

Communication is key: Get on a mic!

If you've ever played any online team game before, you know just how important communication is, and Fortnite is no exception.

Now, Fortnite mobile doesn't have mic support, which means you have to get creative. Use services like Skype, Discord, or Google Hangouts and get your team talking about the game. Heck, don't forget you can always get together with your friend in person and play the game together in the same room — shocking, I know.

You'll need everyone to communicate enemy positions, fallen teammates, and loot you find to give your team the best shot. I can't stress this enough, teams who don't communicate, don't win, it's as simple as that.

Land in roughly the same place

Fortnite starts way before you hit the ground, where your team drops can be extremely important, and I find it's best to stick together.

As a team, decide where you are going to land and keep an eye on the enemies around you. If you notice another team landed near your location, stick close together and don't let the enemy team pick you off one by one.

If you're lucky, and no other teams land near you, your team can spread out a little bit to loot quicker and get equipped before making your next move.

Share loot

They don't say sharing is caring for no reason, every member of your team needs to be well-equipped to be effective, and a team who shares its wealth will fair far better in the battle royale than a team that doesn't.

Although it may feel awesome to be carrying around an epic shotgun and legendary assault rifle, if all your other teammate has is a common handgun, you're going into the fight at a disadvantage.

Don't forget to share healing items and shields as well, if you're hogging all the healing items, your team will drop like flies around you, and you'll be left all alone.

Build around fallen teammates

In Duo and Squad matches, your teammates don't die instantly when they have no health. Instead they fall down and can crawl offering you a chance to revive them.

If you're in the middle of a fight with another team and you want to revive a teammate, work as a team to build around you fallen teammate and revive them behind cover.

Keep in mind that if you're winning a fight, it may be better to finish the enemy team off before you get around to reviving your teammates.

Always keep an eye on the storm

Make sure somebody on your team is responsible for keeping an eye on the countdown for the storm shrinking. In Dup and Squad matches, it's far too easy to get caught up in the action and forget that the map is going to shrink.

A lot of teams do something called "edge camping," which is they hold up near the edge of the circle and attack teams who are running in from the storm. Between the damage of incoming fire and the damage you take for being in the storm, its really bad to be caught in that situation.

If you have a team member keeping an eye on the countdown, you can better coordinate when to run for the safe zone, so you don't get caught between a rock and a hard place.

Do you have any tips?

Have you won Duo and Squad matches before? Share your tips with everyone in the comments down below!

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