Astroworld Travis ScottSource: Apple Music

What you need to know

  • Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival takes place this weekend.
  • Friday's show will be streamed live exclusively on Apple Music.
  • You can catch it at 7 pm PT, November 5.

Apple Music has announced that Travis Scott's Astroworld show will be streamed live exclusively on the platform this weekend.

From Apple:

Since 2018, Travis Scott has made it a point to bring the world he knows as a superstar MC back home to Houston, the city that made him, in the form of his Astroworld Festival. The name of a now-shuttered local amusement park and Travis' third studio album, Astroworld has in the past featured games, rides, and more special guests than anyone could imagine, and 2021's edition is shaping up to be no different. Travis will cap the weeklong celebration by headlining a two-day concert. You can catch Travis' first show at Astroworld on Friday, November 5, at 7 pm PT, when Travis himself takes the stage for a performance that will stream exclusively on Apple Music. Get reacquainted with all Travis' music and then watch him put on for the city on the big day

The show will stream at 7 pm PT, 10 PM ET on Friday, November 5, marking the end of the week.

Apple Music continues to be a home not only of great music but also cool exclusive events like this. Earlier this year Kanye West held multiple live streaming events in the run-up to the release of his album Donda, breaking numerous records in the process. Both streaming events broke records, the first netting over 3 million viewers and the second some 5.4 million.