What is Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes? Perhaps as its creator Suda51 likes it, the game is still rather mysterious. We do know that it's the third game in the No More Heroes series, features our good friend Travis Touchdown once more, and takes place in a video game inside a video game. We also know that it will feature more of the same ridiculous humor and over-the-top conventions the series is famous for and that its gameplay will make use of the unusual features of the Nintendo Switch. Beyond that? We only have tidbits ahead of the game's January release.

But here's everything we know so far about Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes.

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Who the heck is Travis?

Travis Touchdown is the main character and hero (well, anti-hero) of the No More Heroes games, a series created by renowned developer Suda51. Travis is a lover of anime and wrestling, and is a fighter with a complicated past who in the first game joins the United Assassins Association to get money to buy video games, eventually entangling him in far more complicated plots. Travis Strikes Again is the third video game in the No More Heroes series and takes place seven years after the second game with an older adult Travis as its star.

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What is the plot of Travis Strikes Again?

Travis has lived in isolation since the end of his last adventure but is tracked down by a relative of a former nemesis. In the midst of the fight, the pair is inexplicably sucked into one of Travis' video games. The two must fight their way out through seven different games while combating the bugs that appear to have arisen inside.

How do you play Travis Strikes Again?

The main gameplay of Travis Strikes Again involves a top-down view to mow down enemies, with you playing as Travis using a beam sword to fight. You can swing the sword for a light attack or a heavy attack, and you can also hold the light attack button down to get Travis to swing the sword around faster, which can also be done while moving. This takes up energy, though, so you'll have to charge up your power between enemies to keep using this ability.

Just swinging the sword by itself isn't your only method of doing damage, though. As you adventure, you'll be able to acquire different chips that equip Travis with special powers, such as lightning, poison, healing, and others. You can have four of these attached to your buttons at a time. These abilities will need to cooldown after being used before you can bring them out against your foes again.

There are other minigames involving different "video games" such as a driving game and a shooter that you'll be swept up into as you play through the game, but the top-down action is the bulk of what you'll be doing.

What are the T-shirts?

Throughout the game, Travis can collect money around the levels, which can be used to unlock T-shirts for him to wear that have a number of indie game logos on them. Shirts have logos for games like Hyper Light Drifter, Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon, Unreal Engine, and many more.

Can I play with a friend?

You can! A co-op mode where the second player controls Travis' foe-turned-friend Bad Man, is available at any point in the game. Bad Man has similar yet different moves from Travis and can partner with him to unleash powerful combo attacks at key times

What's in the Season Pass?

So far, the contents of the Season Pass remain a mystery. However, purchasing the game through Amazon will get you access to the Season Pass and whatever future downloadable content comes with it, for free.

When can I get Travis Strikes Again?

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is planned for launch on the Nintendo Switch on January 18. 2018 and will cost $39.99.

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January 2019: Added specific info about gameplay mechanics and how to play.

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