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For high-intensity exercise or extreme sports, you need a secure pair of wireless earbuds that fit perfectly. That's the beauty of TREBLAB's XR700 PRO Wireless Earbuds — you can adjust their pliable ear hooks to fit perfectly around your ear. No amount of sweat or movement will dislodge these babies. Thie perfect fit is combined with crystal clear sound and passive noise-cancellation, making for a solid pair of wireless headphones that can accompany you on any adventure.

Great sound + good fit

Treblab Xr

TREBLAB XR700 PRO Wireless Earbuds

Bottom Line: Work out, rock climb, or box in these sweat-proof wireless earphones from TREBLAB. The XR700 PRO Earbuds can be custom-fitted to your ears for a solid, secure fit. Even better, they deliver amazing sound quality.


  • Adjustable ear hooks for the perfect fit
  • True-HD sound with bass boost
  • Passive noise-cancellation
  • Good microphone


  • Inconsistent range
  • Uncomfortable to wear with glasses
  • Ear hooks may unbend in case

Living up to the promise

TREBLAB XR700 PRO: Features

Treblab Xr700 EarbudsSource: iMore / Jaclyn Kilani

For any pair of headphones, the most important feature to consider is the sound. In this aspect, TREBLAB's XR700s certainly deliver. With 10mm speakers and True-HD sound with a bass boost, these earbuds pack some impressive sound for their size. With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the music comes through loud and clear from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Another feature that improves the sound quality on the TREBLAB XR700 Earbuds is the passive noise-cancellation. This means that memory-foam noise-cancelling ear tips are included with the purchase and I'm surprised by how well these tips actually work. With IPX7 water resistance, they will hold up under hours of sweat, but you shouldn't try to swim in them. A little rain won't bother them either if you're running outdoors. In fact, when it comes to sports performance, the XR700s offer the best adjustable fit I've seen, and they are also lightweight; you barely feel them, but you can count on them to stay in place.

Wireless Earbuds TREBLAB XR700 PRO
Type Wireless in-ear headphones with ear hook
Speakers 10 mm diameter
Sound True-HD sound with bass boost
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Signal range 33 ft
Water resistance IPX7 water resistance
Noise cancellation Passive (noise isolation)
Microphone Built-in cVc 6.0 microphone for phone calls
Ports Micro USB
Battery 2-hour charge, up to 9-hour playback
Warranty One-year replacement warranty
Colors Black, Blue, Purple, Red

You get nine hours of playback for every 2-hour charge, and after a few days of listening I found this to hold up well. I can listen for hours at a time several days in a row and the XR700s deliver at least nine hours of playback at a medium volume. TREBLAB also boasts a 33-foot range for the XR700s, and this does seem to be the case for the most part. Below I'll give more details the earphones' range and my general listening experience.

Fits perfect, every time

TREBLAB XR700 PRO: What I like

Treblab Xr700 EarbudsSource: iMore / Jaclyn Kilani

First and foremost, the True-HD sound quality you get from the TREBLAB XR700 Earbuds is excellent — clear and true for any type of music. I was impressed with how pure the music came through with the noise-cancelling ear tips that were included in the box. The memory-foam tips expand to block out external sound so you can concentrate on your tunes. I also noticed a nice punchy bass that was quick but deep — easy on the ears and not overbearing. Overall, these are the best listening experience you could expect from earbuds.

I found the adjustable ear hooks to be one of the most unique and useful features of these earphones. Usually with ear-hook style earbuds, they either fit you or they don't. This is not the case with the XR700s. You can bend, unbend, and endlessly adjust the pliable ear hooks on these until you find just the right fit. Once you've got it right, the earbuds fit so securely there's not a chance they'll fall out of your ears, even during intense workouts. This makes them an excellent choice for anyone who has a hard time finding well-fitting earbuds.

The adjustable earbuds fit so securely, there's not a chance they'll fall out of your ears, even during intense workouts.

Now, a microphone might not seem to be a big deal for earbuds, but my experience in the past is that many wireless earbuds have pretty terrible microphones for phone calls. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the microphones on these, however. For hands-free phone calls and virtual meetings, I could be heard loud and clear, even when I left my phone on the other side of the room. This is a great feature for me, because I prefer to stay moving and keep all my phone calls hands-free.

What can bend can also unbend

TREBLAB XR700 PRO: What I don't like

Ironically enough, the very feature that makes these earbuds awesome can also be occasionally annoying. The adjustable ear hooks make for an excellent fit, yes, but what can bend can also unbend. I've noticed that the ear hooks do have a tendency to unbend after they've been in the carry case for a while. If I need to put them in the carry case, I usually just throw the carry case in a purse or backpack where it probably gets jostled around a bit. After I take them out, I often find that they have been bent out of the perfect-fitting shape I had them in before. This is easily fixable though, and I don't usually have to carry them around in a case, but I could see how this might be an annoyance over time.

I also noticed that these were uncomfortable to wear with sunglasses, which is true with most any ear-hook style earbuds I think. So if you wear eyeglasses most of the time, these might not be the earbuds for you. And while TREBLAB promises 33-feet of range, I'm not sure this is consistently accurate. Sometimes I can definitely stretch it out to 33-feet or so, but other times they start to cut out when I leave my phone in the next room. This could be due to interference from other electronics and Bluetooth devices, but for the most part I had no problem with the range on these earphones.

Bottom Line

Treblab Xr700 EarbudsSource: iMore / Jaclyn Kilani

4 out of 5

For sound quality, fit, and convenience, the TRELAB XR700 PRO wireless earbuds are a great choice for anyone. Athletes, busy parents, and digital nomads will all enjoy the benefits these have to offer. And you really can't beat that price when you look at the range of features that come with the TREBLAB XR700 PRO Wireless Earbuds. For the sound that comes out of these things, I would expect them to cost a lot more.

Finally, the adjustable ear hooks and lightweight design make for a comfortable, super secure fit. Once you twist them into place, you can count on them to stay in place and feel good doing it. The XR700s are sweat-proof, drop-proof, and come with easy-to-use button controls, so you'll love taking them to any and all sporting events or intense workouts. No worries — just pure, clear sound that'll block out the background noise and play for hours on end.

No worries, just right

Treblab Xr

TREBLAB XR700 PRO Wireless Earbuds

Adjustable fit and quality sound

These TREBLAB XR700s are an excellent workout companion with passive noise-cancellation and a unique adjustable fit that's lightweight and comfortable. Great sound, great fit, and even a decent microphone!

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