Triangle Strategy paths guide: All possible storylines and endings

Triangle Strategy Aesfrost Chapter
Triangle Strategy Aesfrost Chapter (Image credit: iMore)

RPG Triangle Strategy is now available, with a great amount of replayability given the numerous possible paths that players can take in their quest. But figuring out which choices to make, as well as the repercussions of those choices, isn't exactly straightforward, especially on your first playthrough. If you're having trouble figuring something out, don't worry, we're here to help. We're going to break down the different choices you can make and the possible endings for the game.

Note: It should go without saying that this will have major spoilers for the game. Due to the extremely story-heavy nature of Triangle Strategy, we recommend finishing your first playthrough before reading this.

Triangle Strategy: All major choices

Triangle Strategy Opinions (Image credit: iMore)

In Triangle Strategy, you'll have numerous opportunities to make different decisions. Young lord Serenoa Wolffort is beset on all sides by enemies, but he's also got his companions with him to help make decisions about what's best, which will, in turn, strengthen his convictions (Morality, Utility, and Liberty) and determine which of the characters in Triangle Strategy join your party.

For the vast majority of the game, you'll be choosing between two paths to take, though a couple of later chapters get a bit more complicated. Here are all the choices you'll get to make, listed by chapter:

  • Chapter 3: You'll have to choose between visiting Aesfrost and Hyzante. This choice doesn't have many longterm repercussions for Serenoa or his companions, though it does determine which of two additional characters you'll pick up. If you visit Aesfrost, you'll get Rudolph Mueller. Visit Hyzante and you get Corentin Jennar.
  • Chapter 7: One of the bigger decisions of the game has you choose between giving up Prince Roland to Aesfrost or choosing to stand in defiance. If you give Roland up, the Wolfforts are ordered to destroy House Falkes. If you defy Aesfrost, you'll face General Avlora's army in battle. You'll be given the additional choice of whether or not to burn down the homes of Wolffort villagers in order to torch the enemy army.
  • Chapter 8: How this chapter unfolds depends on what the player did in Chapter 7. If you chose to destroy House Fawkes, Prince Roland is set to be executed. You'll now choose between helping an Aesfrosti army fight Hyzante, or helping Hyzante fight Aesfrost.

If you instead defeated General Avlora's army, you'll choose whether to accept the aid of House Telliore or not. If you accept, you'll catch wind of Telliore's impending betrayal and fight back at a surprise attack. If you refused the aid, you'll fight a more conventional siege.

  • Chapter 9: No matter what, you'll now be faced with the choice of accepting Minister Sorsely's aid and smuggling illegal salt. If you choose not to smuggle the salt, you'll attempt to head to Hyzante to reveal Sorsely's illegal actions. If you accept, you'll smuggle the salt and fight off bandits.
  • Chapter 10: If you smuggled the salt, you'll discover you are delivering the salt to Svarog of Aesfrost. Angry at the death of his son, you'll choose whether or not to reveal Roland to him. If you reveal Roland, you'll gain an ally in Svarog for later on. If you choose not to reveal Roland, you'll have to fight in a deadly arena to make up the lost money.

If you chose to reveal Sorsely's illegal actions, you'll have to gather the evidence to incriminate him. If you fail to gather enough evidence, you'll have to fight in trial by combat.

  • Chapter 11: You'll have to choose between defending the Roselle from Hyzante or giving them away. If you defend them, you can later get Trish as a party member. If you didn't protect the Roselle, you can get Travis.
  • Chapter 13: While you have a choice of strategy in this chapter, it doesn't ultimately impact the story.
  • Chapter 15: You'll have the choice of heading to Wolffort, staying put in the crown city, or investigating the Roselle village. Choosing these three will have Milo, Cordelia, or Travis/Trish join your party, respectively.
  • Chapter 17: This is the single biggest decision in the game. If you haven't taken a very specific combination of paths so far to get the Golden Ending, then you'll have to align yourself with Benedict, Roland, or Frederica's plans. This means allying with Aesfrost, standing with Roland, or returning to the Wolffort Demesne, respectively. Whatever you choose leads directly into the final ending of the game, as detailed below. If you do achieve the Golden Ending, then General Avlora will join your party.

Triangle Strategy: All possible endings

There are four endings in Triangle Strategy, with three "regular" endings and a fourth "Golden Ending," the latter of which is only available with specific choices. The Golden Ending in Triangle Strategy is quite difficult to achieve, as it's where Serenoa learns balance and compromise, finding a solution that everyone can get behind.

  • Benedict Ending: Agree with Benedict's plan and you'll ally with Aesfrost. Roland will leave, unable to see this through, and so Serenoa becomes heir of Glenbrook.
  • Roland Ending: Standing by Roland will leave Frederica disillusioned with House Wolffort over the decision to abandon the Roselle, and she will leave.
  • Frederica Ending: Going along with Frederica and the Roselle will have Benedict leave, as he chooses to stay behind at the Wolffort Demense.
  • Golden Ending: Serenoa abandons the notion of the Scales of Conviction and chooses to work through the problems at hand, finding a solution that will benefit everyone. With none of your three closest companions leaving, Benedict, Roland, and Frederica will each lead a party. This allows House Wolffort to simultaneously fend off the Hyzante attack on the Wolffort Demense, join Svarog and his Aesfrosti troops to fight off the rest of Aesfrost, and finally start a Roselle rebellion.

Time to replay

Once you've got a better idea of what decisions have what consequences, it's time for a replay. Triangle Strategy has some flaws, but if you're into strategy games, it's still one of the best Nintendo Switch games currently available. Between the gorgeous artwork and fairly compelling plot, this is a tactics game for newcomers and veterans alike.

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