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Triangle Strategy gives you several choices to make as you wind your way through the story. However, only one pathway gives you the true ending, also known as the golden ending or golden route. Whether you're curious about what the various endings entail or you want to know how to get to that golden ending, we're here to illuminate it for you.

Triangle Strategy's four endings

There are a grand total of four endings to Triangle Strategy depending on the choices you make throughout your journey. The ending you unlock depends on which Conviction — Morality, Utility, or Liberty — that you have the most of by the time you get to the end of the game. If you'd like assistance reaching a specific end, we've got a guide on how to gain Conviction points for Morality, Utility, or Liberty. These are the following routes:

  • Morality Route
  • Utility Route
  • Liberty Route
  • Golden Route

The true ending or golden ending, however, can only be unlocked by making very specific decisions. Of course, the choices you make also determine which characters you can recruit in Triangle Strategy.

How to unlock the true ending Triangle Strategy

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To get to Triangle Strategy's true ending, you must make very specific decisions. If you mess up even once, you'll miss the true ending. Turns out that your Conviction points for Morality, Utility, and Liberty don't matter when taking the path to the true ending, so just make sure to make the right decisions in each chapter. Otherwise, you can do whatever you want.

  • Chapter 1: Don't influence the votes, just go with what gets decided.
  • Chapter 2: Don't influence the votes, just go with what gets decided.
  • Chapter 3: Vote whichever way you'd like, it doesn't matter.
  • Chapter 4: Don't influence the votes, just go with what gets decided.
  • Chapter 5: Don't influence the votes, just go with what gets decided.
  • Chapter 6: Don't influence the votes, just go with what gets decided.
  • Chapter 7: Either way works, but if you decide to harbor Roland you cannot set the town on fire using the traps.
  • Chapter 8: Do whatever you want. This doesn't influence the golden ending.
  • Chapter 9: Agree to help Sorsley Ende by transporting the illegal salt.
  • Chapter 10: Reveal that Roland is alive and who he's disguised as.
  • Chapter 11: Choose to protect the Roselle.
  • Chapter 12: Find the "key" located within the Roselle Village Elder's house. You'll need to get Frederica to distract him outside of his house.
  • Chapter 13: Whatever you decided doesn't affect the ending.
  • Chapter 14: Don't influence the votes, just go with what gets decided.
  • Chapter 15: Go back to Wolffort and see Symon.
  • Chapter 16: Don't influence the votes, just go with what gets decided.
  • Chapter 17: When it comes to the chapters' final decision, choose, "There must be another way." Then, answer the next four questions with these answers. (This option is only available if you're already on the path to the Golden Route).
    • "Greet them with the Wolffort demesne's wildfire?"
    • "Might Lord Svarog be the key?"
    • "We can expose the truth hidden within the Goddess's statue."
    • "They're of the Consortium."

From here on in, you'll get to experience two additional chapters exclusive to the golden ending and can recruit General Avlora. Enjoy this particular ending to the story. Then if you'd like you can replay the game making different decisions for a completely different outcome. It's what makes this one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there.

What happens in Triangle Strategy's true ending?

The main characters work with General Avlora to truly solve the war between the three nations. Of course, the ending you like best might not be this one at all, so it's worth playing through the games multiple endings to see them all.

The Golden Rule

If you so much as deviate from any of the required decisions on your playthrough, you'll disrupt the path to the ideal ending and will find yourself somewhere else. The fun thing about this kind of game is that this leads to plenty of replayability, so replay as much as you want to discover all possible endings.

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