Tronsmart Apollo Air Plus Truewireless Stereo Plus Hybrid Anc EarbudsSource: Tronsmart

What you need to know

  • Tronsmart has announced the competitively-priced Apollo Air+ wireless earbuds.
  • Despite their low $89.99 price, they support active noise canceling technology.

Tronsmart has announced the new Apollo Air+ wireless earbuds, complete with a wireless charging case and active noise canceling (ANC) technology for a surprisingly low price of just $89.99.

Available in both black and white colors, the new Apollo Air+ earbuds seem to have a log going for them, not least that hybrid ANC that also includes an ambient sound mode for when you need to be able to hear what's going on around you. Six mics also mean you can look forward to crystal clear calls, according to Tronsmart.

You can take the ANC for a spin in the promo video below — try to listen with headphones on to get the best experience.

In terms of audio, Tronsmart is making a big deal about the use of a Qualcomm chip that offers aptX audio for faster data transmission and lower latency.

The Qualcomm flagship QCC3046 chip with aptX audio decoding enables faster transmission and a lower latency whilst the advanced TWS+ synchronous transmission technology is unlike most earbuds on the market. With other competitive products, the main earbud will receive the signal from the mobile first, then transfer this from the main earbud to the other earbud causing a delay in the sound. With TWS+, both earbuds will receive the signal from the phone at the same time so there is zero latency between both earbuds. Qualcomm® aptX™ audio decoding technology is another feature on both earbuds with the added feature of aptX™ Adaptive audio decoding on the Apollo Air+, delivering high resolution, uninterrupted audio.

It all sounds rather impressive, as does the inclusion of a wireless charging case. I'm told you can expect five hours of playtime from a single charge and that increases to 20 hours when you use that charging case.

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Whether any of this is enough to compete with AirPods Pro isn't clear yet, and I'd need to test a pair out for myself. But at this price, they have to be worth considering. You can check out the Apollo Air+ over on the Tronsmart website now.

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