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What you need to know

  • Apple is the first vendor to contract TSMC to provide chips using the 3nm process, according to reports.
  • A report says Apple will use 3nm to makes its own M-series chips for Mac and iPad, as well as the A-series chips for iPhone.

A new report says Apple is the first vendor to contract TSMC to produce chips using its 3nm process.

As reported by UDN:

As TSMC (2330) sprinted for 3nm deployment, it was reported that Apple was the first to contract 3nm initial production capacity, mainly producing its own M series processors for the new generation of Mac notebooks and iPad products. TSMC plans to complete certification and trial production of 3nm next year, and mass production in 2022. Now it is "become a sensation before it shows up." Apple has taken the lead in capacity, allowing TSMC's advanced manufacturing process to once again win over Samsung.

According to reports, trial production of TSMC's 3nm process will begin in 2021, it was reported as far back as June that work had begun on the fabrication lines. Mass production of the new 3nm chips is expected to begin in 2022. Apple is the first company to hire TSMC to create chips using the process, and sources indicate trial production is progressing well. UDN continues:

In response to the huge replacement wave, it was reported that Apple took the lead in contracting TSMC's initial 3nm production capacity, becoming the first batch of TSMC's 3nm customers. Apple will use TSMC's 3nm to produce its own M-series chips for Mac and iPad. The advanced process will also be used to produce A-series processors for the iPhone.

This report could indicate that Apple plans to switch its iPad over to the new Apple silicon-based M-series processors that debuted in three new Macs earlier this year. At the very least, both Apple's A-series and M-series chips look set to benefit from 3nm production from 2022.