WWDC 2019 has a ton of exciting new things coming out, and tvOS 13 is one of them! tvOS 13 is here, and with all the latest and greatest updates that come along with it, we here at iMore have all the details about what comes along with the newest tvOS updates. Here's everything you need to know about tvOS 13.

What's new about tvOS 13?

The biggest feature that comes out of tvOS 13 is multi-user support for the entire family, meaning that everyone in the home gets their own up next list and recommendations for shows and movies to watch and enjoy.

New Home Screen

With Apple TV 4K and tvOS 13, you'll get a whole new homescreen design for discovery.

You'll be able to now play full-screen video previews straight from your home screen, you you can easily and quickly enjoy all the latest and greatest movies, games, music, and television shows.

Apple Music

Multi-user support also allows users to get their own personalized music experience, but the coolest feature when it comes to tvOS and Apple Music? The fact that you can see the lyrics to your songs that are synced perfectly in time with the music (karaoke, anyone?)

Apple Arcade

When it comes to Apple Arcade and tvOS, Apple is now extending support to two of the most popular controllers in the world — the Xbox One S controller, and the PlayStation DualShock 4.

This means you can play all of your favorite Apple Arcade games with your favorite console controller effortlessly.


Sreensavers captivated and awed audienced last year thanks to the stunning outerspace images from NASA, but this year, Apple is going under-the-sea with help from the BBC.

Using 4K HDR footage, you'll have the option to project and display a stunning underwater landscape on your Apple TV.

Apple TV+

Apple's original subscription service will be availble in the Apple TV app. The Apple TV app is also availbale on select third-party platforms and other Apple devices.

When will tvOS 13 be available?

The latest and greatest updates to tvOS 13 updates are be available for Apple Developer Program members right now, while the public betaprogram will be available to tvOS users next month at beta.apple.com.

The update to tvOS 112 will be available this fall for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

What do you think?

Are you excited for all the latest and greatest updates with tvOS 13? Maybe there's another feature from today's presentation that you're super duper pumped about? Let us know what you're the most excited about and all your other WWDC thoughts in the comments down below!

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