Twitter won't load on Safari? Here's the fix!

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How to turn off System Integrity Protection on macOS (Image credit: iMore)

Sometimes Safari doesn't always play nice with certain websites or services, and it can cause problems when you try to load up a webpage. I've noticed this problem on Mac sometimes, where Twitter won't load on Safari, which can be annoying when I want to see the news of the day, look through trending topics, or Tweet about the cool new product I just tried.

If you've encountered this problem before, here are a few solutions you can try to rectify the problem.

1. Refresh the page

If any webpage is not loading correctly, refreshing the page should always be the first step. Sometimes a webpage loading improperly is just a hiccup between your computer and the host of the webpage. Just hit the refresh button, and that might be all you need to do to solve your problem quickly.

2. Force Quit Safari

Force Quit Menu on macOS (Image credit: iMore)

While simply quitting Safari will close the app in an orderly fashion, saving your work and settings so you can pick up where you left off, it doesn't seem to take care of this particular problem. Force Quit kills the app in its place — no unsaved files or settings will be preserved, and it forces your Mac to completely reload Safari from scratch the next time you open it. If Twitter won't load on Safari, give this a try.

Once you've Force Quit Safari, load Safari again and navigate to the webpage you were trying to load. If you've got it working, then you're done; if you're still having a problem, keep reading!

3. Restart your Mac

If your Mac is getting sluggish or otherwise behaving strangely — like not loading Twitter — restarting can often help you clear up its ailments. Restarting may also be required in other circumstances to install new software or other updates. It takes a few minutes, but it can solve a lot of minor issues.

Once you've restarted your Mac, load Safari and see if the problem has resolved itself; if it hasn't, keep reading!

4. Clear all Safari data

Macos Big Sur Preview Safari Hero (Image credit: Rene Ritchie)

The next step in the troubleshooting process if Twitter won't load on Safari is to clear all the data. Websites — especially social media sites like Twitter — can create a backlog of cookies, caches, and other data in Safari to help it load faster and remember settings. This data can occasionally cause Safari to act a little wonky, and clearing the data out can help Twiter and other websites load properly again.

  1. Launch Safari
  2. Click Safari in the menu bar at the top of your screen.
  3. Click Preferences.

Clear Website Data From Safari On Mac: Launch Safari, click Safari from the top menu, and then click preferences. (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Click Privacy.
  2. Click Manage Website Data.

Clear Website Data From Safari On Mac: Click Privacy and then click Manage Website Data (Image credit: iMore)
  1. Search for the website you want in the search bar.
  2. Click the website you want to clear from the list.
  3. Click Remove.

Clear Website Data From Safari On Mac (Image credit: iMore)

5. Use a different web browser

This is obviously not so much a solution as it is a workaround, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Other browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome sometimes just play more nicely with Twitter and other websites.

Any other tips?

Have you come across this problem before? What did you do about it? Let us know in the comments down below.

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