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What you need to know

  • Apple has expanded its turn-by-turn navigation in the UAE.
  • Users can now access more detailed directions, and the option to book a ride through Uber.

Apple has reportedly expanded its turn-by-turn navigation for Apple Maps in the UAE.

From MacRumors:

Apple has expanded its turn-by-turn navigation in Apple Maps for the United Arab Emirates. The app now offers more detailed directions for driving and walking, with options to book a ride through Uber also showing within the app.

The UAE got turn-by-turn for Apple Maps as part of an update last year. From that report:

Apple has reportedly added turn-by-turn navigation support for Apple Maps in the UAE.

According to TechRadar:

Apple is slowly but surely rolling out more of its services in the UAE and the one that has finally launched is turn-by-turn directions for Apple Maps.

While Apple Maps was available in the UAE to look for and find places, it did not offer turn-by-turn functionality until now. With the service now launched, turn-by-turn directions can be used in English and Arabic with support for driving as well as walking.

Apple added new-and-improved turn-by-turn to Maps with iOS 14. From a roundup last year:

Apple has added turn-by-turn directions for cycling in iOS 14 Maps, and you can even customize the kind of directions that it gives you. For example, you can plan your route accordingly if you want bike lanes, paths, or bike-friendly roads, quiet or busy streets, certain elevation levels, stairs or no stairs, and more.

Last year Apple also added route planning for electric vehicles, so you can plan your route using your vehicle's range and the location of charging stations.