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What you need to know

  • Tons of users are unable to add Arlo cameras to the HomeKit framework thanks to an unknown issue.
  • Arlo said last month that its engineers were aware of the problem and it's been quiet ever since.

Update, August 9 (4:00 pm ET): Arlo has released a software update to its iOS app that fixes the HomeKit issue.

Have some Arlo hardware that you're trying to add to HomeKit and finding it more difficult than it should be? You aren't the only one, with tons of people taking to the internet to report the same issue. A lengthy thread on the Arlo support forum isn't much help, either.

As first reported by the folk at AppleInsider, one thread has more than 600 comments with people reporting that they are getting stuck on the "Requesting Homekit info" screen.

There did appear to be a ray of sunshine on July 27 when an Arlo representative said that the company was aware of the issue, but it's been radio silence ever since.

We are aware of an issue with resetting HomeKit tokens & getting stuck on a "Requesting Homekit info" screen. The Arlo development team is investigating this issue & we will provide an update as soon as possible.

Right now, it seems there's nothing people can do but wait. And use the Arlo app instead of the Home one of course. That's less than ideal if you bought the Arlo hardware based on the promise of HomeKit support and even worse if you did have things working but need to reconfigure for some reason.

Are you suffering from this problem or, even better, have you found a fix? Let us know in the comments either way!

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Update, August 9 (4:00 pm ET) — Arlo has released a software update to its iOS app that fixes the HomeKit issue.

Arlo has released an update to its iOS app that fixes an issue where users were unable to add Arlo devices to HomeKit. As reported by AppleInsider, the company has released version 3.5.1 which provides a fix to the issue and users should now be able to add compatible devices to HomeKit.

The company said that "Arlo appreciates the patience of our loyal customers, and is excited to share that an iOS app release with a remedy to the HomeKit issue is now available."

Arlo users can update their app on the App Store now.




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