Powerbeats 4 EarpieceSource: AppleInsider

What you need to know

  • We now have our first hands-on video of the Powerbeats 4.
  • The new headphones feature a slight redesign and new features.
  • Not all features are currently working due to waiting on a software update.

Earlier today, the unannounced Powerbeats 4 headphones were spotted on the shelves of a Walmart in Rochester, New York. The box boasted 15-hour battery life, a slight redesign, a $149 price tag, and colors in black, white, and red.

Now, we've gotten our first hands-on video of the new headphones. AppleInsider has gotten a pair of the Powerbeats 4 into their possession and has taken them for a spin.

According to the outlet, the box features your standard environmentally friendly packaging, the headphones themselves, the charging cable, and documentation for the headphones. The charging cable of the Powerbeats 4 has been upgraded to a new USB-A to Lightning charger as the headphones themselves now feature a Lightning connector which, according to the documentation. Included in the box are three different ear tips to find the best fit and a nylon travel bag.

The headphones are confirmed to have a 15-hour battery life, but whether or not it is due to them now featuring the H1 chip remains to be seen. While AppleInsider was able to pair the headphones to an iPhone, they were only able to do so through the normal Bluetooth pairing process, not Apple's proprietary quick-pairing process for headphones featuring the chip. The reason appears to be because the headphones need a software update in order to access all features, an update that is expected with iOS 13.4. Another indicator that the Powerbeats 4 feature the H1 chip is that, during AppleInsider's testing, the "Hey Siri" prompt worked.

The Powerbeats 4 now features a rounded cable connecting the two headphones together. Powerbeats 3 featured a flat cable, but many people found them to stick to the back of their neck when exercising, so the change should be a welcome one. The headphones feature a power button, a volume rocker, a pressable Beats logo for play/pause and Siri functionality, and a Lightning connector that allows you to get an hour's worth of playback with only five minutes of charge.

While the new Powerbeats 4 is not as feature-rich as the Powerbeats Pro or AirPods Pro - it does not have noise cancellation, transparency mode, or auto-pause - it does come in at a price point $50 lower than its predecessor.

Check out the first look at the Powerbeats 4 below: