Undertale Collectors Edition for Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

At last, Undertale is receiving a port to the Nintendo Switch! This charming indie RPG gained a cult following after its release in 2015 and has since been ported to multiple platforms, but seems to be right at home on a Nintendo console given its Earthbound inspirations.

Though Undertale will be available digitally, it will also have a physical edition and a physical Collector's Edition on launch, and the latter will be full of goodies perfect for Undertale fans. Here's everything you need to know about the game and the Collector's Edition ahead of its launch.

What is Undertale?

Undertale is a short but sweet RPG adventure... where no one has to die. You play a young child who has fallen into the Underground, a network of tunnels and towns inhabited by monsters banished from the world above. As you try to escape, you'll encounter friendly and villainous faces, and you can either fight your way to freedom or make nothing but friends along the way.

How do I play?

Undertale plays like a standard RPG in that you can walk around, talk to characters, and examine and interact with objects. As you explore, you'll run into random encounters with the monsters in the game and will be able to face them in a turn-based battle system.

However, unlike other systems, the actual fight occurs in a small square where you control your Soul: a tiny, red heart. Attacks will come at you from all directions and you'll need to move to dodge them, bullet hell style, to stay alive. Attack back with timed button presses on your turn, or use items to keep yourself alive.

How is Undertale different from other RPGs?

In Undertale, you can attack enemies you encounter to deplete their HP and defeat them, or you can spare their lives. In Undertale, no enemy ever has to die, but sparing them can be challenging. On your turn, you can "Act" and choose from one of multiple prompts to interact with your opponent. If you interact with them in specific, desired ways, their name will turn yellow on their next turn and you can use the "Spare" button to end the fight as friends.

Sparing every monster is challenging, but you can do it. Listen to the dialogue during the fight and observe the things they do and say to find the best ways to Spare monsters. Sometimes, Sparing will take a lot of patience and perseverance, but with plenty of determination, you can do it!

Undertale is best known for having multiple endings depending on who you killed or spared, so know that your actions in this game have consequences that may change how you experience it.

What's new on the Nintendo Switch Collector's Edition?

The Undertale Collector's Edition is sold through Fangamer and includes a physical copy of the game, a collector's box, a story booklet, a soundtrack, a sheet music booklet, and a music box locket that will look familiar once you finish the game's story.

The story booklet also comes in the standard physical edition of the game, or it can be purchased digitally with none of the goodies.

How much will it cost?

Undertale Collector's Edition will cost $69 and is available only through Fangamer.

The standard edition of the game will cost $29. Both versions of the game will launch on Sept. 18, 2018.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Undertale Collector's Edition, let me know in the comments!

Update September 2018: Added release date.

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