Brydge Pro+ for 11-inch iPad ProSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple recently announced new iPad Pros and the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro.
  • Brydge has confirmed that its upcoming Pro+ keyboard and trackpad will work with those iPads.
  • It has also confirmed that it will work with the new changes iOS 13.4 is bringing to pointers.

Apple recently announced newly refreshed iPad Pros alongside the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. That keyboard comes with a built-in trackpad to take advantage of changes coming to iOS 13.4, but it's costly. Starting at $299, perhaps prohibitively so. But Bridge has confirmed that its upcoming Pro+ keyboard and trackpad will work just as well. And it'll be cheaper.

A fair bit cheaper, too. The Brydge Pro+ starts at $199 which is a third less than Apple's offering. And the company was keen to make sure that everyone knows that it's ready for the new iPad Pros, too.

We're happy to confirm that the Brydge Pro+ will seamlessly integrate with the newest iPad Pros - delivering the same trackpad experience as Apple's new Magic Keyboard".

But there's more to it than just supporting the new iPad Pros. That much we'd guessed, but what about the new pointer support coming to iOS 13.4? When Brydge designed the Pro+ its built-in trackpad was going to have to use Apple's iOS 13 accessibility features in order to function. But now? Now it can use the new pointer support coming to iOS 13.4 next week.

We'd also like to mention that our trackpad is fully compatible with the upcoming iPadOS update (13.4) that will significantly improve the user experience, making it more intuitive and fluid. Check out our latest video update that showcases the gestures in action.

And yes, the same goes for the iTrack standalone trackpad, too.

Now we just need to wait for everything to be released – the Brydge Pro+ is expected to ship in April.

Keyboard & trackpad in one

Brydge Pro+

Brydge Pro+

Your iPad dreams have come true.

Get the most out of iPadOS 13.4's pointer support with a built-in trackpad for your keyboard.