You gotta love government trying to use technology. That they embrace it is terrific. That they kinda trip over themselves at the same time is hilarious.

The latest is the U.S. Press Secretary trying to use Apple Notes for an extended tweet, you know, like Hollywood and social media types typically do for their apologies.

But, the Apple Notes screenshot ended up getting posted with a maddening little black dot. An errant bit of Markup, not undone, not removed, not caught and corrected. Just posted for everyone to gawk at.

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Sure, everyone makes mistakes and anyone can be awkward with tech. It's just when you're a public figure and you do it in public it garners publicity.

Good on Apple Notes for becoming, like AirPods, its own meme. I'm guessing we haven't laughed out last at its use and misuse.

You go Twitter.

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