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What you need to know

  • Apple is offering Verizon customers a deal on Apple News+.
  • Users will be able to get six months of free access to the service.
  • Users who buy a new iPad activated through Verizon will qualify for the deal.

A new report says Apple will begin offering new Verizon iPad customers 6 months of free Apple News+ later this week.

According to 9to5Mac:

Beginning later this week, Verizon and Apple are partnering on a new promotion for Apple News+. Any iPad activated through Verizon will qualify for a free six-month subscription to Apple News+. The deal arrives as Apple is trying to juice interest in the News+ service, which includes access to a handful of newspapers and ~300 magazines for $9.99 per month.

The six-month free period will be available for any Apple ID that has not used News+ before. If you have already redeemed the free trial month, then buying an iPad through Verizon will still be eligible for five months free.

The promotion should be officially announced on Thursday.

According to the report, the offer will be limited to one per Verizon account, and will not be available to users who have previously used Apple News+ before. The report claims that there are no conditions on which plan or spec customers select when purchasing their iPad and that Verizon will automatically email users notifying them of their eligibility.

Recently, it emerged that Apple appears to be working on audio versions of its News+ stories so that users can listen to them like podcasts, rather than reading them. Apple News+ has struggled to build momentum since its launch, sparking rumors that Apple may try to bundle it with its more successful services.