Apple Vision Pro AppleCare+ costs $499 for two years — includes "unlimited repairs for accidental damage protection"

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Apple Vision Pro is one of the most expensive devices that Apple makes that is designed to go out of the house — and repairing it is going to cost a pretty penny. As always, Apple has made AppleCare+ available for the Vision Pro, so that you can save some money when if you drop one of the expensive components on your incredibly costly head-mounted computer.

There's also news on how much the different repairs for Vision Pro are going to cost you — and they make investing in the service something of a no-brainer.

Always buy Apple Care+. Always.

On the preorder page of the Vision Pro, there isn't much more information about the Apple Care+ package beyond the usual information on a product page. This is what Apple says comes with AppleCare+ for the Vision Pro:

  • Unlimited repairs for accidental damage protection
  • Apple-certified service and support
  • Express Replacement service — we'll ship a replacement so you don't have to wait for a repair
  • 24/7 access to Apple experts

In Apple's AppleCare+ help page, however, there is more information about the AppleCare+ package for the Vision Pro. There are two payment options — all in one go, or $24.99 per month. That $499 is for two years.

For that cost, you get some excellent repair options. If you damage the accessories that come with your Vision Pro, that will cost you $29. If you accidentally damage the Vision Pro itself, then repairing the unit will cost you a blanket cost of $299 — a whole lot less than replacing the unit for another $3499.

You can buy the AppleCare+ package when you preorder, or you have 60 from the purchase date to add the feature to your device. As always, we strongly recommend going with an AppleCare+ package — those repair savings, even if you're certain you won't break it, are well worth the money.

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