Apple Vision Pro 2 not expected until 2026 — but the company is 'flummoxed' by price problem

Apple Vision Pro with the included cover.
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Have you been thinking of buying Apple Vision Pro but haven’t yet been convinced of that price point? There may now be two reasons to hold off on that purchase.

Just last week, a report from Apple analysis Kuo came out, suggesting Apple Vision Pro shipments were at half of the expected figures and that this meant that an Apple Vision Pro model was not planned for 2025. Instead, this suggested a redressing of how Apple would approach the international market when Vision Pro starts shipping outside of the U.S.

On the back of this, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman now reports that “Apple’s latest Vision Pro road map doesn’t currently call for a second-generation model until the end of 2026”. Unfortunately, while visionOS 2.0 will launch this year, it is expected to be a fairly minimal change. iOS 18.0, on the other hand, is expected to be huge. Both of those OS changes will likely be unveiled at WWDC 2024. As the next major Vision Pro device seems to be two years away, Gurman reports that “the company is trying to figure out a way to bring a cheaper version to market before then”. However, it is “still flummoxed” about how to do this.

A big few years

Apple’s spatial headset has an awful lot to prove over the next few years if Apple wants it to be any more than a niche bit of tech. Designed to be worn about the house as you work, relax, and more, you can grab, drag, and place screens around your home, and the headset will remember where you’ve put them. This means you can set up a workspace with your Mac’s display mirrored above it, and another display with the best shows on Apple TV Plus in your bedroom. It can compartmentalize work to show you cooking videos in the kitchen and video games in the living room.

In Gurman’s report, he claims that “Vision Pro demand has dropped considerably at many Apple Stores” and Apple might need to do something to get some of that hype back. We just don’t know what that will look like yet.

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