Apple Vision Pro has just received two of VR’s most popular games — “now optimized for hand-and-eye tracking”

Job Simulator
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If you’ve been waiting for more traditional VR games to come to Apple Vision Pro, two of the most highly regarded in the immersive format have just launched — and they come with some improved features. 

Owlchemy Labs has taken to X to announce the launch of Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator on Apple Vision Pro. Not only do they have fully immersive environments, surrounding the player rather than the passthrough play you can find in What the Golf?, but they have eye and hand tracking for improved controls. Both are available to purchase right now, with Job Simulator costing $19.99 and Vacation Simulator being $29.99. 

What are Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator?

Job Simulator places you in the eyes of a worker in a world filled with robots, doing menial tasks like filing paperwork, drinking coffee, and messing with your coworkers. Very tongue-in-cheek, it’s a humorous game filled with tiny secrets, minigames, and more. Standing in one spot, you have to grab things with your hands, move your body around, and look in the right spot to find out a little more about the world you have found yourself in. 

Job Simulator is very popular on Steam not only because it arrived around the same time modern consumer VR headsets started growing in popularity, but also because discovering all the little gags and jokes is still fun nearly a decade after its initial release. 

Vacation Simulator is the follow-up to Job Simulator, with a much bigger area to play around in and a higher price to go with it. After clocking out from your job, it’s time for you to go on a holiday, and all your robot coworkers are coming with you. You can customize your character, go to an assortment of different vacation spots, and explore a tropical island. Like the first game, it’s fun, humorous, and surprisingly replayable. 

These are some of the first dedicated VR games launching on Apple’s mixed reality headset and they come right after the company’s CEO praised Apple Vision Pro for how important it is for VR gaming.

As of the end of April, Apple Vision Pro sales were stagnating and Apple even cut some of its intended shipments to align with expected sales targets. Though you can play Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator on pretty much every modern VR device, Apple Vision Pro is set up to have the best experiences thanks to its incredible tracking functions, great screen, and super powerful chip. More VR games launching on the headset could help cement the headset as a solid gaming headset and further pull those sales around. As it comes to the rest of the world, we hope that more developers continue to invest in Apple’s headset. 

Apple Gift Card | At Apple Store

Apple Gift Card | At Apple Store

If you or someone you know is looking to pick up one of these two games, the best way to surprise them is with a gift card. And, if they just happen to have already bought one, the gift card could always go toward one of the best Apple Vision Pro spatial games

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