Apple Vision Pro users can try out their next tech item from the headset with Best Buy's new app

Best Buy Vision Pro App
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Ever wanted to buy the best iPhone while in a virtual world with the Apple Vision Pro headset? Well now you can! Best Buy has released a shopping app for the mixed reality headset, which allows users to shop for new tech items from inside visionOS.

The new app is available to download from the App Store, after it was announced in a blog post. Not only can you buy new tech items through the app, but you'll also be able to see them in your own space as well. This is particularly useful for larger appliances such as fridges or ovens.

The Apple Vision Pro has now been on sale for almost three months, although it remains an option only for those who are in the United States. It launched with a ton of apps for download via the App Store, although admittedly most of them were just iPad apps that developers allowed to run on visionOS. So we're pleased to see another new app designed for the headset hit the shelves.

Try before you buy

The app, dubbed Best Buy Envision, uses augmented reality (AR) to project 3D models of all the gadgetry you might lust after right into your living room – or wherever else you fancy. Thinking about how a beastly 85-inch telly might look against your wall? Or maybe how a shiny new fridge might transform your kitchen? Just slap on the Apple Vision Pro, fire up the Envision app, and you can eyeball these gadgets in your own space, scaled and styled to perfection.

Not only does the Best Buy app let you visualize the future of your home electronics, it's also user-friendly. It lets you browse through hundreds of products, and with a few taps and swipes, you can check out product ratings and prices. Find something you plan to purchase? You can even send it over to someone else for a quick thumbs-up via text or email, or just dive straight into the Vision Pro Safari app to seal the deal on Best Buy's website.

Brian Tilzer, chief digital, analytics and technology officer at Best Buy, reckons the Envision app is a game-changer in making tech shopping a more humane and personal affair. No more guessing games or measuring nightmares – this app lets you see exactly what you’re getting into before you splash the cash. The app has been designed from the ground up for the Apple Vision Pro, and could be the perfect addition for any would-be tech shoppers.

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