Apple Vision Pro's Game Room leaked ahead of launch — Screenshots reveal multiplayer Spatial gaming for the first time

Game Room on Apple Vision Pro
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Apple Vision Pro’s Game Room has been leaked ahead of launch on February 2, where four images show how you can play Chess, Solitaire, and more with another player.

According to leaked screenshots from Steve Troughton-Smith on Mastodon, you’ll be brought to a room in what looks like a mansion overlooking a garden. Depending on the game chosen, you’ll be able to sit or stand and play games like Hearts, Solitaire, Yacht, Sea Battle, and Chess. There’s no word on how much the game will be, or if it’s going to be exclusive to Apple Arcade, its game subscription service — but consider us intrigued.

The screenshots hint at other potential Game Room features. Looking at the screenshot where Chess is being played suggests a multiplayer aspect, with a username partially shown on the other side of the chessboard.

This is one of the first ‘Spatial’ multiplayer games that’s coming to Apple Vision Pro on February 2 — and could open up a wide array of possibilities to what could appear on the headset.

Looking beyond the chessboard — iMore’s take

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A few Spatial games have already been revealed, such as Super Fruit Ninja, where you can move your hands in order to slice fruit and powerups. Imagine, though, having a few friends around you, helping you to slice up fruit all at once.

It’s a fun image, but Spatial multiplayer could go further in Vision Pro. For example, back when the UK was in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I had a HTC Vive headset, and so did a friend. We’d spotted that Star Trek Bridge Crew, a game where you can command the Starship Enterprise with friends, was possible in VR.

It was, without a doubt, one of the funniest experiences I’ve had in playing a multiplayer game. Buttons would fail to work, and if we tried to fire at an enemy ship, the blast somehow wrecked our own.

It’s those moments that make me think about how well games like Bridge Crew could work on Vision Pro. Game Room looks to take over your environment with a room in a mansion — there’s no reason why a game like Bridge Crew could do something similar on Apple’s headset.

With a week to go until Vision Pro launches, we may see more Spatial games announced and showcased in the interim — and, hopefully, more multiplayer games that could bring as much fun and laughter as Bridge Crew did with me.

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