Belkin may make the very first Vision Pro accessory — A battery clip for the Spatial Computer's external cell

Apple Vision Pro first impressions
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Apple Vision Pro is all set to arrive on February 2, with pre-orders starting in a few days. Being a brand new category for Apple, the Vision Pro will come with its own set of challenges. One of those is going to be accessories, which is a tricky thing to nail down before people have started using your product, especially for a product like this. Apple has a headstart, though, it appears.

In his latest Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman revealed that Belkin is working on an Apple Vision Pro battery clip. Belkin has a long history of working with Apple, so it makes sense that it's the company making what's likely the first Apple Vision Pro accessory.

Belkin accessory will address a key Vision Pro inconvenience

The Vision Pro is going to be a bulky device by nature, so Apple has made efforts to ensure that bulk doesn't translate to an uncomfortable wearing experience. One of the ways to do that is to make the battery an external element since it's one of the heaviest components in most devices.

However, the external battery will come with its own inconveniences, the biggest one being having to be mindful of the battery. A battery clip makes sense, given that you would like to have your hands free for the gestures and interactions with the Vision Pro, and not worry about accidentally flinging the battery into oblivion.

Gurman noted that the battery clip would be ideal for users who want to carry the Vision Pro around but may lack space to carry the battery pack.

Gurman also revealed some details about the availability of Belkin's battery clip, "Belkin, I’m told, will begin selling the clip alongside the Vision Pro when the headset debuts next month. Apple stores will stock the item — and, so far, it appears to be one of the only authorized accessories that will be available as early as launch day."

A broad range of accessories should be available for the Apple Vision Pro a while after the launch, but for now, Belkin's battery clip will likely be the first Apple Vision Pro accessory you'll be able to buy that won't be made by Apple itself.

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